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Our philosophy is like spiritual coffee – a pick me up for the soul.  Our teachings move you away from fear and wake you up to peace, love, joy and truth. All of this inspires a beautiful sense of being alive.


Just as we call coffee by different names – java and cup of Joe – God is referenced in many ways, like Spirit, Energy, and Collective Consciousness...and it is all welcome here.

We are an ever-expanding spiritual community that provides the opportunity to grow, thrive and serve.


New 8-week class, Building a Healing Consciousness Thursdays, April 15 – June 17, 2021

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Affirmative prayer to neutralize racism, hatred and violence.


The nature of life is creative, eternal, and forever changing. The presence of Universal Intelligence moves, stirs, and illumines the way. Humanity creates and initiates ideas that reflect thoughts, beliefs, and feelings conditioned by time and memory or Truth.


From time to time and memory to memory life reveals itself in the actions and reactions of what people think and believe. Lately a significant amount of hate and racism surfaced and made itself apparent in the form of violence, destruction, injury and death. This affirmative prayer, written to change the way people think, intends to create a consciousness where hate, racism and violence disappear, replaced by thoughts that reflect the eternal nature of God’s Love, eternal Peace, and Oneness.


God’s presence is forever moving and stirring life creating change and opportunity to mold change into a new belief that reflect the value and sacred nature of life. I am one with this value and I am blessed to be the sacred idea of a creative Intelligence that knows exactly what it created and filled with a capacity to grow and express peace, love and joy. To this end, I speak my word for the power of God’s creative nature to clarify and change the belief in separation to one of unity and acceptance. In this moment, the revealed need for change presents itself as a hatred and resentment directed to Asians, Pacific Islanders, other people of color. Right now, God’s Intelligence rises to a new place of recognition. The Divine heals and exposes the fear that drives the hatred that would be a secondary causation of the racism and violence recently demonstrated in our country. There is no power in bigotry. The power is in the acceptance and understanding that the incredible variety of life is unified and moved by God’s power to express every possible way to demonstrate the genius of this variety. Thank you God for creating life in complete unity for all to discover. Released, my word is law and life is changed. And so it is!






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NEW! After-Service Zoom Social

Even if you can't make it to our awesome Sunday service, you can still meet up with all of your friends at the Center, via new Zoom Social!

Drop on in Sunday as service ends (about 10:45 am). We will have a Zoom session open for you to see your friends here or on Zoom. Here is the link (Psst... it's the same link as Jim's Wednesday Boost). Say "Hi" to our loving community.

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Life-changing ideas are simple, powerful and straightforward.

There are universal principles that work for all people, at all times, in all places. 

We invite you to explore.

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Sunday services provide an inclusive experience where people from different faiths find common ground in knowing that we’re all connected to the same God.

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Our programs empower youth to express spiritual ideas and values in everyday interactions. We instill empathy, compassion, peace and confidence.


Dive deeper into our philosophy with classes that explore the origins of our teachings, provide tools to navigate through life, and a chance to bond with our community.


                                   —JOSEPH CAMPBELL