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University Synagogue

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Services: Sunday 9:30 & 11:15 am

University Synagogue
3400 Michelson Drive
Irvine, CA 92612

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Set Your Soul and Spirit Free

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Inspirational Wisdom

Celebrate Who You Are

Our classes are all about teaching you how to think and how to choose. We are a Cause and Effect philosophy and we have one of the best ways ever devised to help your stay connected with God on a pathway of joy, peace and prosperity. Read more »

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Peace of Mind

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Love is Powerful

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Love is a Ripple Effect

The Center for Spiritual Living Newport-Mesa is deeply committed to the principle of Service to others as a pathway to deeper spiritual awakening. Recent scientific research has shown that volunteering also brings significant health benefits. Read more »

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New to the Center?

Join us for Lunch with Dr. Jim

Let us treat you to a home prepared lunch. Learn more about our philosophy and get to know the Minister and Founder...
Dr. Jim Turrell
12:30 pm at the University Synagogue
Please RSVP to: [email protected]


Guest Speaker Dean Sluyter Joins Dr. Jim

Fear Less
Living Beyond Fear, Anxiety, Anger, and Addiction


Join award-winning author Dean Sluyter as he shares methods and insights for cutting through the fear, anxiety, anger, and addiction that seem epidemic these days. Whether you’re afraid of speaking or dating or death, whether you’re angry at the traffic or your partner or your job, whether you’re addicted to doughnuts or drugs or your phone, you can reconnect with your natural inner wholeness so that these afflictions begin to loosen up and fall away.

Dean Sluyter has taught meditation since 1970, from universities and corporate offices to maximum security prisons. A grateful student of sages in several traditions, he is the author of five books, including back-to-back Amazon stress management bestsellers Natural Meditation and Fear Less.


Dr. Jeanette Freeman

Back in Orange County for a special engagement at the Center

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Dr. Janette is a dynamic, motivating, and inspiring speaker/teacher who infuses her talks with anecdotes, humor, and thoughtful messages. She’s filled with contagious energy, is entertaining and energetic, and speaks eloquently from the heart.

Her messages take many different forms, but are centered around the power of a positive mindset and helping the audience to develop the internal personal skills that increase successful in life. She is the author of “Why Did This Happen to Me Again? Your Keys to Lasting Transformation.”

New Foundations of the Science of Mind
with Master Teacher Dr. Jim Turrell

**CHANGED TO ** February 21 to April 25 • 7:00 pm

At the Center Office
3151 Airway Ave Ste K108
Costa Mesa 92626

This is the entry-level class in the study of the Science of Mind. You will be introduced to the basics of the Science of Mind, Meditation, Spiritual Mind Treatment, Visioning and other Universal Spiritual Principles and Practices.

Each week will consist of the exploration of spiritual principles and spiritual practices that support those principles. You will learn to use the creative process as well as powerful and practical tools to “change your thinking, change your life” and you’ll experience this adventure with like-minded people from all over the world. The guided meditations and exercises will assist you in applying, embracing and incorporating Science of Mind Principles in your own life.

You have a talent to the form of a smile, a warm handshake, a friendly voice and most importantly, the gift of your time.

The Center is looking for people to volunteer once a month. That's right, only once a month!

Can you pitch in? We have a long list of to do's and we can use the extra help.

Contact Patty Turrell directly at [email protected]


Leave in the message line or voicemail YES I CAN.


A New Small Group Ministry

A program that causes unprecedented care and connection along with healthy growth by establishing small, intimate Home Groups led by trained, inspired and well-supported Lay and Practitioner Leaders.

Intentions of our Home Groups

  • Deepen Spiritual practice - Prayer, meditation and contemplation
  • Have authentic, meaningful, heart-centered conversations
  • Create an experience of belonging and care
  • Develop consistent, active participation in the circle
  • Actively minister to each other and provide service to the larger community
  • Experience joy and laughter

Would you like to become a home group leader? Contact us at [email protected]

For more information about our Community First Groups please click HERE


Services meet at 9:30 & 11:15 a.m.

Join Dr. Jim Turrell as he explores

You Can Heal Your Life:

~ January 6 ~
Whats Your Story? Does it hold you back? Change it? ~ In the infinity of life where I am, all is perfect, whole, and complete, and yet life is ever changing. YCHYL p 1 "The Veil between Spirit and matter is very thin. The inivisible passes into visibility through our faith in it." SOM p 60 Dr. Jim Turrell
~ January 13 ~
Do You Believe in Limitations? Don't! ~ No person, no place and no thing has any power over us, for "we" are the only thinkers in our mind. YCHYL p 1 "Before we proceed further on the subject of healing it is necessary that we be certain in our own minds that thought is creative, as upon this basis our entire superstructure rests." SOM p 147 Dr. Jim Turrell
~ January 20 ~ 
Do you have the ability to Demonstrate Results? Absolutely! ~ I am far more than my personality--past, present, or future. YCHYL p 23 "The Law is Infinite and Perfect but in order to make a demonstration (a healing) WE MUST HAVE A MENTAL EQUIVALENT OF THE THING WE DESIRE." SOM p 281. Dr. Jim Turrell
~ January 27 ~ 
Is Your Word Full of Power? Always? ~ What you put your attention on grows YCHYL p 75 "Here is a lesson in the practical application of the Science of Mind. As the subjective state of thought becomes unified with goodness and love, It automatically reflects these in whatsoever direction the thought goes. P 285 Dr. Jim Turrell
Our Featured Musicians: Ron Levy and Rob Turrell

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