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Services: Sunday 9:30 & 11:15 am

University Synagogue
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Celebrate Who You Are

Our classes are all about teaching you how to think and how to choose. We are a Cause and Effect philosophy and we have one of the best ways ever devised to help your stay connected with God on a pathway of joy, peace and prosperity. Read more »

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Love is a Ripple Effect

The Center for Spiritual Living Newport-Mesa is deeply committed to the principle of Service to others as a pathway to deeper spiritual awakening. Recent scientific research has shown that volunteering also brings significant health benefits. Read more »

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Cornucopia Flower Arranging Class and Champagne Brunch

Cornucopia Flower Arranging
Class and Champagne Brunch

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Definition of cornucopia. 1 : a curved, hollow goat’s horn or similarly
shaped receptacle (such as a horn-shaped basket) that is overflowing especially
with fruit and vegetables (such as gourds, ears of corn, apples, and
grapes) and that is used as a decorative motif emblematic of abundance —
called also horn of plenty.
Patty Turrell has made it a tradition each year to give friends and family the
(horn of plenty) cornucopia. Show your appreciation for loved ones with a
gift of abundance made by you just before Thanksgiving. Perfect for your
table’s centerpiece.
• Instruction for easy to assemble
• Bright colored flowers
• The Story/Lore behind the Cornucopia
• Food and Champagne

Limited Seating -- RSVP by November 4
$100 per person
Contact Patty Turrell at [email protected]

Thanksgiving Service

November 20, 2018 at 7:30 pm.

IUCC 4915 Alton Parkway, Irvine, CA. 

We hope you will join us!

In lieu of the violent threats towards our brothers and sisters at the University Synagogue we will be at their annual Thanksgiving service on November 20 to show our love and support.

Together with the Irvine United Congregational Church this event will be held at at IUCC 4915 Alton Parkway, Irvine at 7:30 pm.  

Let's share this most American holiday bringing together the true spirit of American inclusion and welcoming.

UCI Law Professor Michele Bratcher Goodwin will speak on Tuesday, November 20, 7:30 p.m Ms. Goodwin is a Chancellor’s Professor at UCI with appointments in the School of Law; Program in Public Health; Department of Criminology, Law, & Society; Department of Gender and Sexuality Studies; and the Stem Cell Research Center. 

For the Holidays

Operation Santa Claus

The Holiday season is upon us and the CSL Business Professionals are excited to be supporting Operation Santa Claus’ annual gift drive.  Many holiday wishes will be granted for children who have been abandoned, neglected, abused or placed in foster care by the County of Orange Social Services Agency, Health Care Agency, Probation Department, Child Support Services or OC Community Resources. Last year 40,000+ toys were distributed to families throughout Orange County.  Please visit our table in the social hall and grab and “Angel Tag” that lists gift suggestions for one of these children. Return your Gifts, UNWRAPPED, to us at our Santa’s Depot Table starting Sunday Nov. 25 through Dec. 9.   

SeniorServ's Holiday Gift Program

Click here for the SeniorServ flyer


[email protected]


You have a talent to the form of a smile, a warm handshake, a friendly voice and most importantly, the gift of your time.

The Center is looking for people to volunteer once a month. That's right, only once a month!

Can you pitch in? We have a long list of to do's and we can use the extra help.

Contact Patty Turrell directly at [email protected]


Leave in the message line or voicemail YES I CAN.


A New Small Group Ministry

A program that causes unprecedented care and connection along with healthy growth by establishing small, intimate Home Groups led by trained, inspired and well-supported Lay and Practitioner Leaders.

Intentions of our Home Groups

  • Deepen Spiritual practice - Prayer, meditation and contemplation
  • Have authentic, meaningful, heart-centered conversations
  • Create an experience of belonging and care
  • Develop consistent, active participation in the circle
  • Actively minister to each other and provide service to the larger community
  • Experience joy and laughter

Would you like to become a home group leader? Contact us at [email protected]

For more information about our Community First Groups please click HERE


Services meet at 9:30 & 11:15 a.m.

Join Dr. Jim Turrell as he explores

Change Your Mind Change Your Life:

~ November 18 ~
Overwhelm or Peace ~ If God is your Source then Separation is an illusion and gratitude is Reality ~ "One, alone, in consciousness with the Infinite, constitutes a complete majority" p. 184
~ November 25 ~
Limited or Abundant ~ Call upon that which Sustains and Provides. We believe that God will provide for and bless us abundanatly. P 431 
Plus Special Guest Soloist Christy Mottola
~ December 2 ~ 
Mindless or Mindful ~ Maintain Contact, Connection and Consciousness. We believe that Evolution is not creating Intelligence; Intelligence is projecting evolution. We do not deny the theory of evolution; we affirm its cause to be intelligence, operating as Consciouslness and Law. P 102 ~   
~ December 9 ~ 
Obligation or Service ~ Share the Love and pay it forward. "...until we learn to love we are not sending out love vibrations and not until we send out those vibrations can we receive love in return." P 298 
~ December 16 ~ 
Confusion or Clarity ~ Trust the Unknown. The basis from which humanity is evolving is Infinite. Behind humanity is the Great Unknown but not the great unknowable. P 72 
Our Featured Musicians: Ron Levy and Rob Turrell

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