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November 18, 2018

“In everything give thanks.” An attitude of gratitude is most salutary, and bespeaks the realization that we are now in heaven. Gratitude is one of the chief graces of human existence and is crowned with a consciousness of unity.

Ernest Holmes,  Science of Mind, p. 497

There is One Creative Source in all the Universe. This One is the ever-present Source of Life and all Good.

I am one individualized expression of this Source, this Presence. My life is ever unified with this One. In Truth, there is no such place as far away. When I remember that my very being is embraced by this loving Source, I know Heaven is within me and that, wherever I may be, I am always already home. 

I declare here and now that I am richly blessed. Autumn is a beautiful time of year. This “Season of Thanksgiving” invites many opportunities for the Joy of visiting in mind my countless blessings. In my heart, gratitude feels like Joy and Love mixed together. I feel grateful for the abundance of Good in my life: health and well-being, beloved friends and family, and opportunities to serve my extended spiritual family. I am grateful for the power of affirmative prayer, and for the teachings of our Center and this spiritual philosophy.

I am grateful even for seeming (temporary) adversity. When I cease to struggle or resist the changes or challenges in my life, I find the gift of blessings that were there all along.

In deep gratitude for all Life's Good, for the cornucopia of blessings in my life,

I release this Word into the Law of Love and Right Action, knowing it is done unto me as I believe,

and so it is.

CSL-NM Centering Prayer

Anne S. Perrah, RScP

October 28, 2018

This morning's quotation is from Ernest Holmes (A Holmes Reader on Practical Wisdom):

Today I expect every good thing to come to me, for I know that Divine abundance is forever

manifesting itself in my affairs. I am keeping my whole mind and thought and expectancy

open to new experiences, to happier events,  to a more complete self-expression.

There is One Conscious Intelligence, One Self-Knowing Spirit which permeates and acts on everything in existence. This is the One Spirit back of all creation and manifestation.

I am, by nature, one individualized center of this Living Spirit. I know I am blessed by Spirit with the freedom to use this nature of Being to the best of my belief, faith and understanding. 

It is my opportunity for Joy to awaken to this and each new day with the intention to love what is, and to stay awake to possibilities for living the principles of my faith. As I live this day, I get to choose how I may practice Peacefulness, Patience and Kindness, interaction by interaction, with my beloveds.  As I stay awake and intentional, I have limitless opportunity to see Beauty, to discover Wonder, and to embrace change with curiosity, rather than fear or resistance. Moment by moment, this now by this now, I am blessed with expectancy of an abundance of Goodness in all areas of my life. 

Feeling supported by a benevolent Spirit, I am grateful for the abundance my life is mirroring: beautiful, trusting relationships, vibrant health and well-being, freedom of self-expression, with ever-new opportunities to learn and to deepen my spiritual practice, to be of service to my expanding spiritual community.

In deep gratitude for all Life's Good, I release this Word into the Law of Love and Right Action, knowing it is done unto me as I believe,

and so it is.

CSL-NM Centering Prayer

Anne S. Perrah, RscP

September 16, 2018

“The only difference between a flower and a weed is a judgment."

Dr. Wayne Dyer

This magnificent Universe arises from one invisible, Creative Source.

The Living Source of this ever-expanding Universe is the Life Force within every Living thing, from the enormous to the infinitessimal. Another name for it is Love.

I am one unique expression of this Loving Source which gives me my life; it breathes me and beats my heart, along with the Gift of each new day. I realize, in Truth, I am a beloved creation of Divine Love.

I declare my freedom to enjoy all of the beauty and goodness that I can

concieve of in this world full of wonder. I am free to make a dandy bouquet of dandelions, or weave a gorgeous garland of crabgrass!

I am free to look into the face of others, beyond what might once have invited judgment, and see the face of God. I am free to choose to respond with Love to what may be heard as unskillful communication.

I am free to forgive myself whenever I falter, knowing that Divine Love is ever available within, ready to raise me up.

I am grateful for awareness of the blessings and abundance in my life.

I am grateful for the invitation to practice givingness through acts of service. I appreciate and bless our Center as a supportive, Spiritual Community of extended family and friends.

From this grateful, joyful heart, I release this Word into the Law of Love in Action, and so it is.

CSL-CM Centering Prayer

Anne S. Perrah, RscP

July 31, 2018

“Pure Spirit exists at the center of all form.” Ernest Holmes,SOM p406

 There is One Invisible Creative Source, One Spiritual Power that is the starting point at the center of all Creation. This Power is the Living Source of all that is created in an ever-expanding Universe.

 I unify with this Power, knowing that I am one unique expression of this same Creative Spirit. I realize that one precious gift at the center of my true being is the ability to co-create with Spirit according to my desires, with understanding and faith.

 I declare for myself here and now the freedom to use this power for Good, to practice living from the inside out. I am never lost; a Loving, Indwelling Spirit is ever-present to light my path. And yet, every moment, I am already home. From this centered place I can rightfully claim all the Good I can imagine. I know in Truth I have access to every thing I need, be it Courage, Love, Wisdom, Well-being, Peace of Mind.

 Gratitude fills my awareness as I realize how truly blessed I am to be a student of this Spiritual Philosophy. I am grateful for the freedom we have to practice Living, Spiritual Principles. I feel blessed by the many opportunities we have to learn and grow, and to serve our Center as a mutually supportive Community of extended family and friends.

 From this grateful heart, I release this Word into the Law of Love in Action, and so it is.

CSL-CM Centering Prayer

Anne S. Perrah, RscP

June 24, 2018

“You cannot be all you were meant to be without a spiritual practice.

You need to nurture the Spirit that is you!"

Oprah Winfrey 

There is One Benevolent Source, One Infinite Living Presence in the Universe. This God of my understanding is Good, and the True Source of Peace, Joy and Love in All of Life. 

I am one unique expression of this same Source. I unify with this Spiritual Presence, knowing that fullfillment of my ultimate purpose and potential lies in being true to my authentic Self. 

Daily I am blessed by moments of Joy and Illumination as I embrace what is mine to do to nurture Spirit within. I practice forgiving myself for unskillful responses to life's challenges, and for any less-than-kind or less-than-helpful responses to the needs of others. Through the blessings of affirmative prayer and meditation, I practice turning within for Spirit's guidance. I turn to my fellow practitioners for loving support. I find my soul inspired by words of wisdom from the mystics and Masters of our unifying Faith. I find freedom in authentic self-expression through inspired acts of Love and service. 

I am grateful for the gift of every day that I am awake and open to practice living in spiritual awareness. I'm grateful for each opportunity to expand and deepen my connection to the Presence. I am thankful for our Center, for the Living Principles and practices it teaches, and for all our beloved Community 1st extended families and friends. 

I release this Word into the Law of Love in Action, and so it is. 

CSL-CM Centering Prayer

Anne S. Perrah, RscP

June 17, 2018

"The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other's life." Richard Bach 

There is One All-Powerful Creative Source in the Universe. This One Source of All that Is has been known by many names, such as Great Spirit, Yahweh, Divine Presence, Creator, Father-Mother-God....and Love.   

I am one indiviualized expression of this Creation. I am one with my human family who has found connection with this One Creator via many pathways over millenia. I align with this Truth: we are all beloved children of the same Benevolent Source of All Life.  

I declare my life as blessed by this Fathering-Mothering Source of All Life. I am blessed with every Good provided by this Loving Source, which is the Core of my True being and also everywhere at once! I know my every need is fulfilled through my willingness to accept the abundance that is mine by birthright as a beloved Child of the One. The God of my understanding is right where I am in every situation. I am never alone. 

I am grateful for every opportunity to learn, to serve, and to deepen my awareness of this Loving Presence. I am grateful for our Center & its spiritual teachings and guidance, and for all of our Community 1st extended families and friends. 

Knowing it is done unto me as I believe, I release this Word into the Law of Right Action and Love, and so it is. 

CSL-CM Centering Prayer

Anne S. Perrah, RscP