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Sunday Service: ONLINE ONLY
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November 4, 2018

“Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God.” A Course in Miracles.

Let us recognize together that there is but One Mind, the Mind of God, which creates and animates all of life. This is the Source of all good, perfect health and well-being. God is everywhere and in all things.

As I unify with this loving, divine intelligence in this moment now, I know that I can tap into the wisdom that is of God. My oneness with All That Is makes me an individualized expression of this Divine Presence.

In the recognition of this Reality I have learned to ask myself the question, “Who am I in this moment, and what is my gift?” I ask Spirit to pre-pave the way for me and as I walk the path through my life I listen to Spirit’s guidance to tell me what to say and to whom. This causes me to feel a peaceful sense of confidence and connection with God. I bring peace and harmony to all my interactions with my fellow travelers and there is a shared sense of freedom that comes from all my relationships.

I am so grateful to my Source and Guidance as I sense who I truly am.

I release my word into Divine Law knowing it is done for me now. And so it is.

Bob Estrada RScP

October 7, 2018

“The secret of harmonious living is the development of spiritual consciousness. In that consciousness, fear and anxiety disappear, and life becomes meaningful with fulfillment as its keynote.” Joel Goldsmith, Practicing the Presence.

I recognize that there is one powerful and loving Presence that creates all living things in the Universe. This Intelligence is the very source of all supply, wisdom and harmony.

I unify with this loving Presence that has created me in its image and likeness, and as such, I know that I can turn to my loving Source for all that I will ever need.

I realize that my only need in my life is God’s grace. My faith in my God as my Source brings to bear God’s power to dissolve all fear and anxiety and my life becomes meaningful and fulfilling. If God is all there is, what possibly is there to fear? As I quiet my mind and listen to the guidance of that still, small voice I walk through my life with quiet confidence.

I give thanks for discovering the secret of harmonious living as I let my consciousness grow with my faith in God.

I speak my word into the Law of Mind knowing it is true for me now.

And so it is.

Robert Estrada RscP

June 3, 2018

“… If you knew Who You Are – that you are the most magnificent, the most remarkable, the most splendid being God ever created – you would never fear.”  ~ Neal Donald Walsch; Conversations with God, Book 1.

Know with me now that there is one loving Presence that creates, animates and sustains the entire universe. This is the Source of all Love and Truth brought to us through divine Grace.

I unify with this Presence that created me in its image and likeness. It abides within me as my life now.

When I quiet my mind, I realize that this divine Grace goes before me making plain my way into the perfect unfoldment of my life as I do Gods work, completely devoid of fear. Only good goes from me and only good comes to me as I know that I have within me all the peace and harmony that I need to impart on the world.

Gratefully I go forth doing my work with a peaceful sense of quiet confidence in the Grace that brings about right action.  

I release my word into the Universal Law knowing it is so now. Andso it is.

Robert Estrada RscP