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Sunday Service: ONLINE ONLY
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December 2, 2018


  “When we walk with mindfulness, dwelling in the present moment, no longer pulled by our regrets about the past or our worries concerning the future, we touch the wonders of life and each step nourishes our happiness.”

                                                          -Thich Nhat Hanh, The Art of Power:

 God is the One Mind that is everywhere present; the reason I live, move, have power and meaning. I unite with the Spirit within, and realize that I am fully present to all that is happening in my life today.

 I am conscious of what this present moment brings; I appreciate the clarity of thoughts, vision and focus that are mine right now. If I see myself thinking of past events or I am anticipating future occurrences, I realize that what I am dwelling on, right here and right now, will determine my outlook on life.  Because I create my feelings, emotions, and physical wellbeing by what I focus on in my mind, I choose my thoughts wisely and let Spirit guide me in making the choices that bring me to a place of my Highest Good. In this way, I experience the full creative power provided to me by Spirit’s guidance; my life is happy and it works.

I face each minute of each day with mindfulness; fully present and aware of what I am doing, thinking and feeling. I give thanks for the power of prayer and the knowledge that, as I release my work into the Law, it is in action, here and now.


Ginni Gordon

September 23, 2018


“Opportunities to find deeper powers within ourselves come when life seems most challenging. We are not there until we can say ‘yes’ to it all.”                                                                                            -Joseph Campbell 

God is the One Creative Intelligence everywhere present; the Cause of my life being filled and fulfilled in every way. Spirit leads me to be one with this Presence and guides me to design my life to reflect my Highest Good. 

God always responds to what I think and believe, creating my experience from what I say is true. Nothing but my thinking makes anything true for me today. I take charge of my understanding by knowing that I am safe in the mind of God and I am free from past limiting ideas. I let release anything that doesn’t fit and move easily through any discomfort of transformation. Because Spirit fills me with understanding and support, I say ‘yes’ to the changes that are taking place. My life experience expands because I let go of any fear and doubt about what’s next for me. I am the faith of God in action. 

I am excited about my life; the experience of myself expanding reveals a life filled with successful choices. With gratitude I release my prayer into the Law, knowing I am creating my world anew. 


Ginni Gordon

August 12, 2018


 “If you can’t feed a hundred people, feed just one.

- Mother Teresa

 “We are not here merely to make a living. We are here to enrich the world.”

           -Woodrow Wilson

There is only one Infinite Existence that surrounds and is within all that is. This Power and Presence express in and through me as Love, Abundance and Wisdom. Knowing it is my purpose to “pay it forward,” gives my life meaning far beyond just existing.

Recognizing the abundance of the blessings that make up my life, I feel the desire to be in service to others. My world is made perfect as I put this belief into action.  Every kindness I do for others is guided by Spirit; and I realize that there is nothing too small…a smile, a prayer, all are of infinite value. I am guided to freely love and care for all the people I contact, as well as my family and friends. I am a manifestation of God in this world, and I am here to be the perfect gift of any size that is needed. I am truly blessed to be God’s Servant.

I am conscious of the fact that the Divine Love in me, is me, and acts in the world through me. With deepest gratitude, I release my word into the Law, knowing that I am here to honor and enrich the world, to “pay it forward.” I stay consciously open to the opportunity to be the instrument that allows God’s gifts to manifest.


Ginni Gordon

July 1, 2018


 “The Constitution only guarantees the American People the right to pursue Happiness; you have to catch it yourself. And, you can do anything you set your mind to.”                       

                                                                         -Benjamin Franklin 

There is One Spirit, One Divine Energy, One Presence that is the Creative Intelligence and Power behind All That Is. Because I am God’s Creation, Spirit is always here, guiding me to accomplish what I intend in my life. 

I know my thoughts, feelings and words create my life. As I keep close watch over these elements of my experience, I establish a life filled with Happiness and Peace. It is my choice to set my mind on a path that has me think, feel and speak with the Highest Good for all concerned. When I recognize that my thoughts or words do not come from this Higher Place, I stop, reflect and remind myself that “I am with God and God is with me.” I become clear about my goals and let Spirit keep me informed about how to accomplish them. In this way, I continue to grow in the confidence of knowing that my life is Perfect, Whole and Complete. 

As I release my prayer, I am aware of my Gratitude for the ability to pursue Happiness in a country where I am free to create my life as I would have it be. Thank you God, for being an always and ever present source of Peace and Freedom. 


Ginni Gordon