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Sunday Service: ONLINE ONLY
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October 21, 2018

Mother Theresa:  “Peace begins with a smile.”

God and nothing else is present right here, right now – everywhere all the time.  I am grounded in this truth and I know God’s Peace begins with me.  As a center for Peace, I breathe it, absorb it and embody it.  As I do this, I remain true to my belief that no matter the appearance, the loving Spirit of God is at the center of personal and world peace.

Today, I choose to practice peace and smile.  There is nothing I am waiting for to make me happy, nothing I am fearing to make me anxious and nothing I am regretting to make me sad.  There is only the Divine Rightness of this moment.  I live it and enjoy it.  I breathe deeply, smile and let God’s Perfect Peace and Calm flow through me.  My mind and body are working together in perfect harmony.  I am participating in life with spontaneity, joy and a peace-filled heart.  I am grateful the choices I make contribute to my well-being and add peaceful energy to the world.

With a joyous heart I now release my word into God’s Divine Universal Law and know it is so.  And so it is.  Amen.

Nancy Jo Clark

August 26, 2018

“Too often we underestimate the Power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment or the smallest act of caring – all of which have the potential to turn a life around.”  Dr. Leo Buscaglia 

Today, I let myself joyfully remember who and what I am.  I am a creation of the good that God is.  I smile, relax and experience the joy of knowing God’s Divine Loving Spirit dwells in me and all beings. 

I recognize a smile says so much to others.  With it we express our awareness that God is the source and substance of all our joy.  I humbly relax into my understanding that God is the Love, the Goodness and the Peace I have been yearning for.  It is right inside me. 

I smile as I embody the truth – that I am prosperous, I am vibrant health, I am Love, I am creative in all my activities, thoughts and actions.  I know this truth for myself and I know this truth for all beings. 

With absolute faith and with endless gratitude I release my word into Universal Law and know it manifests as my life.  I know this is so and SO IT IS.  Amen 

Nancy Jo Clark

July 15, 2018

Ernest Holmes: “When you believe something good is yours, the Universe has no choice but to respond to that belief. 

With God, all good things are possible.  God is the source and supply of all our blessings and we all live and have our being in a Divine Field of infinite possibilities. 

I know the Divine Perfection of God right here, right now.  I recognize fully that I am a miracle of life and have been given a beautiful gift.  This awareness allows me to embody the miracle of God’s love and express it in my own unique way. 

Today, I begin a new day, free from the confines of yesterday and filled with the unlimited Divine possibilities of this moment.  I celebrate my uniqueness and embrace the unknown, for my next step is the expression of God’s Divine energy coming to life through me.  I move forward in life expressing greater success, greater love, greater peace and greater joy. 

Knowing this is the truth of my life and all life, I accept, I release and I let go with deep gratitude and loving appreciation for all my gifts and blessings. 


Nancy Jo Clark