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Sunday Service: ONLINE ONLY
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September 9, 2018

From a song by Chrissie Hines:  “Nothing you confess could make me love you less.  I’ll stand by you.”  

I am loved.  And with that love comes Spirit’s supreme promise to stay with me throughout my life.  There isn’t a moment where I am without Spirit’s presence.  Today, I resolve to do my life with the absolute knowledge that I do it with Spirit at my side.  I am peaceful with Spirit at my side.  I am loving with Spirit at my side.  I laugh and I cry with Spirit at my side.  I face every situation easily and without fear for I have God’s Word to be there with me, guiding me, holding my hand, protecting me.  On my life’s path I may stumble, but by keeping my awareness on God I know I will not fall. 

I release these words with gratitude and joy.  Thank You, God, for Your constant vigilance on my behalf.  And so it is! 

Syndi Jones

May 20, 2018

Gurumayi Chividvilasanada: “A Golden Mind, A Golden Life.”

In this moment I remember who I am.  I am a Divine Creation of Universal Mind.  I choose to align my conscious mind with the Mind of Spirit and by doing so I change my thoughts.  My life is golden.

Every moment in every day I release my constraining thoughts to Spirit and receive back the glorious thoughts of Divine Mind.  I allow my mind to free itself from all thoughts of fear and limitation so that it can be open to those images that support a life filled with wonder and joy.  I know how to be of service by opening my mind to ideas that were conceived in Love.   I know what to do or what to say because my thoughts are God’s thoughts.  And each time I align my mind with Spirit, it becomes more and more pure, more and more golden.

I release these words with gratitude for I know that they are my Truth.  I have spoken my Truth and so it is.

Syndi Jones