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Sunday Service: ONLINE ONLY
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July 28, 2019

“As I look out into my world, I see that there is nothing to fear. And as I look back into my own mind, I know there is nothing in me that is afraid. My thought is filled with confidence, with hope, with trust, and with the acceptance of God.”
Ernest Holmes, Living the Science of Mind

There is a Presence that is the very source of all good in the form of peace, love, and total abundance. This benevolent intelligence lovingly creates and animates everything in the entire Universe.
I unify with this omnipotent Presence that has created me in Its image and likeness and given me the choice of creation, much like Itself. I know this is true for all of us here.
I affirm my union with this Presence and I know that there is nothing in the entire Universe to be afraid of, nothing to avoid or run away from for I am at home in the Universe because of my oneness with God, oneness with all people, and one with a quiet confidence and abiding faith that knows no fear.
Thankfully I accept this Truth as I joyfully move through my life.
I release this prayer into the Law of Mind knowing that it is done for me now.
And so it is.

Robert Estrada RScP

May 12, 2019

Belief in duality has made man sick and the understanding of Unity will heal him. God stands to us for the One Life in which we all live.”

Ernest Holmes, Science of Mind

There is but One Mind, the Mind of God, which creates and animates all of life. It is the source of all good, perfect health and well-being. God is everywhere and in all things.

This One Mind also created me in Its image and likeness. And in Its image I am one with the perfection of being. This One Mind is my mind now, animating my thoughts and actions.

In the feeling of this reality, I accept my perfect wholeness and perfect health now. If ever I feel a sense of dis-ease I use it as an indicator of my mistaken sense of separation from this Divine Mind and I quickly re-unite with the Oneness that is God. I breath into this perfection that is God and I feel the vibrancy that is my life.

Thankfully I accept this Truth as I joyfully move through my life.

I release this prayer into the Law of Mind knowing that it is done for me now.

 And so it is.

Robert Estrada RScP

February 17, 2019

The vision you must catch and hold is the consciousness of a union so complete and perfect that you find no difference between your own being and God. The two are one.       “This Thing Called You”-Ernest Holmes 

There is One Mind in the entire universe that is the center of all Peace and wellbeing. The God Mind within me entertains only that which is perfect.

I unify with this loving Intelligence and, in so doing, I can think from the inspirational center within me which is nothing less than the Divine in me singing Its song of life.

I realize that, no matter how turbulent or painful conditions in my life may seem, no matter what confusion may appear on the surface of my life, there is always a place of calm at the center of my being. I draw from this center a profound sense of clarity and peace that pervades all my actions and relationships and I find that I am a bringer of inspired harmony and Peace.

I am deeply grateful for the knowledge of this Peace-deep, calm, undisturbed.

I claim my authority to speak my word into the Law, knowing it is so right here and now.

And so it is. 

Robert Estrada, RScP