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October 27, 2019


“You are not the choices you have made. You are the chooser.
And the chooser can always choose again and again and again.”
-You Are Enough by David Walker

God always responds to what I think and believe, creating from my experience what I choose to think is true. I am always at choice; it is my thinking that makes things true for me today.

Because I have this consciousness, I am free from any past limited thoughts. I now commit to embrace ideas that reveal what I see as my Highest and Best. Supported by Spirit, I am Divinely guided in the decisions I make; I trust God’s Inner direction to help me design my life. I know this Truth manifests through the choices I make, and I see my life unfolding as Perfect, Whole and Complete.

I am excited about my day to day existence. I face each minute of each day, fully present and aware of what I am choosing to do, think and feel. I give thanks for the power of prayer and the knowledge that, as I release my prayer into the Law, it is in action, here and now.


Ginni Gordon

August 18, 2019

“They say, in racing your car goes where your eyes go. Simply another way of saying, ‘that which you manifest is before you.’ The driver who looks down the track as he feels his tires break free, will keep control of his vehicle. I know it’s true, racing doesn’t lie.”
-Garth Stein, "The Art of Racing in The Rain

There is only One Spirit, One Divine Energy, One Presence behind all that is. It is always there, always at work, unfolding and guiding every moment of every day.

As I connect with the spirit within, I see the path of my life unfolding clearly. I Trust and have Faith in the process of my journey because my eyes are fixed on the road before and guided by the Ideal Driver. I meet every moment with joy and expectancy; life is a wonderful adventure. If I should encounter what I perceive to be a Hazard, I remind myself of my Spiritual connection by saying, “I am with God and God is with me.” Then I step on the gas and the process of my journey leads me to the destination of my Highest Good

Gratefully, I accept the Blessing of the guidance of this ever present Source of Power. I realize this is True as I release my prayer and know it’s fulfillment is now.


Ginni Gordon

June 23, 2019


“If we are willing to do the work of changing our consciousness by changing our thoughts AND acting accordingly, then we will have “updated our belief system.”
-You Can Create an Exceptional Life” by Louise Hay

There is one Creative Intelligence, present everywhere and constantly at work, revealing possibilities for the most wonderful life possible. I know that I am a perfect expression of Spirit’s Energy and Power; that I am one with God’s Infinite Mind, so I step forward on the path of Positive possibilities.

My life is a perfect reflection of my beliefs. Spirit responds to my beliefs, manifesting in my life that which I expect to happen. I am learning to consciously monitor my thoughts and use Spirit’s vision of my Highest Good to guide my actions. I let go of any sense of hesitancy or fear; it is replaced with the anticipation of exploring new experiences, new places and new opportunities to learn more about who I really am. As I grow in my ability to picture my life as perfect, whole and complete, my life changes to become just that.

Gratefully, I appreciate my world as it is and thankfully embrace all changes for the better. I welcome the opportunity to be consciously part of Spirit’s Truth for me. I release my word, knowing it is created here and now.


Ginni Gordon

April 14, 2019


"Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do.”

God is the One Creative Intelligence everywhere present – wise, limitless and the author of all I am. I live, love and speak my word as God in Action.

Because I trust the Spirit of God is active within me, I know that God is manifesting my Highest Good, right here and right now. I chose to be aware of and open to God’s gifts showing up in my thoughts, opportunities, relationships and experiences. I choose to see God everywhere; I take a deep breath, turn within and consciously bond with the beauty of the world around me. I know that my thoughts allow me to grow, prosper, and live my life in the best way possible; moving forward into life’s adventures and making the world a better place.

I am grateful for my relationship with God and for the many blessings in my life. I know that Spirit manifests the love that fills my relationships, family, friends and the world around me. With so much appreciation for the power of prayer, I release my word into the law, knowing it is already in action.

AND SO IT IS!       

Ginni Gordon

April 7, 2019


“By giving thanks, we name each circumstance, each person, a blessing in our lives. Being thankful for what will be before we actually experience it grants us the consciousness to receive that which we desire.”   -Diane Harmony

There is One Power, One Presence that flows in us and through us and is always available to us. It is the creative Energy that meets with our thoughts and dreams and makes them come to pass.

Today, I bring forth thoughts of Thanksgiving for life’s many blessings and for my life, just as it is. Even though it sometimes seems easier to focus on what I wish was here and isn’t and what is here that I wish were gone, when I look at my life through God’s eyes, I can see it as Absolute Perfection. I know that Spirit has a much more accurate view of the road I am traveling on than I do, and that all is proceeding according to Plan. I accept that Life’s challenges are what make me strong; they give me the tools to deal with ‘what is’ and to be in service to those who are in need of my help. I also recognize that I live in an abundant Universe and affirm that God is the source of what I desire for myself.  I trust that Spirit is leading me to my Absolute Best and Highest Good and I am a magnet for the gifts my life has to offer.

I thank you God for being my always there, ever present source of Beauty and Blessings. In gratitude, I release my prayer, knowing it is already in action.

AND SO IT IS!     

Ginni Gordon

February 24, 2019


“Every day and every hour, we are meeting the eternal realities of life, and, in such degree as we cooperate with these eternal realities in love, in peace, in wisdom and in joy – believing and receiving – we are automatically blessed. Our prayer is answered before it is uttered.”                                                         --Ernest Holmes    

God is the One Creative Intelligence everywhere present; the Cause of my life being filled and fulfilled in every way. Spirit leads me to be one with God’s Presence and guides me to design my life to reflect my Highest Good. 

I praise and bless everything that happens in my life knowing it all takes place for a definite reason. I center my Mind on what I want to occur in my life, then let go and trust the Divine Process. When a change needs to occur, my life may feel upside-down at times, but there is always a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I remind myself that any situation I face allows me to grow in positive new ways. I know that all I need to succeed is within me, and knowing this allows me to unleash all the power, the ideas, and the resources I possess. Life is good and I have all I need and more. 

I am excited about my life; the experience of myself expanding reveals a life filled with successful choices. With gratitude I release my prayer into the Law, knowing that my life is an answer to prayer. 


Ginni Gordon

January 13, 2019

-Ernest Holnes

God is all around me. Whatever happens in my life is God in Action. I trust that every one of my experiences is God, working in and through me, for my Highest Good. 

I am grateful for all the events that happen in my life. They appear for a definite reason, to give me the opportunity to discover that my life is blessed with peace, wisdom and joy. When a change needs to occur, life may seem upside down at times, but my Highest Good always shines through. I know and trust this to be true, and that all I need to succeed is within me.  I open to all the power, the ideas and the resources I possess. My heart is guided by Spirit and blessed by the wisdom that is my God given gift. My life is blessed. 

I am thankful for my life. I am excited about my expanding reality; it reveals to me that my existence is filled with successful choices. With gratitude, I release my prayer into the Law, knowing I am creating my world anew. 


Ginni Gordon