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Sunday Service: ONLINE ONLY
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November 1, 2019

“Energy is the essence of life. Every day you decide how you’re going to use it by knowing what you want and what it takes to reach that goal, and by maintaining focus.”
Oprah Winfrey


The expression of power in each of us is God in action. The vibration of that power is our message into the universe, and the reflection illuminates our paths and lives.

Every cell of my being is alight with this expression of energy. In my connection with the infinite intelligence, I know that power works through me.

I declare in this moment an illumination and focus of thought and energy. My highest good expands with intuitive guidance. I am attuned to new ideas and inspiration. Life is fulfilled with abundance and circulation.

I deny power to the thought of negation. All paths lead to a higher good. Peace is my power to move through any obstacle with grace and focus.

I breathe life into these words, and gratitude is exhaled into unformed substance.
And, I release to reach into the universe and fulfill my birthright within the hands of God.
And, so, it is. Amen.

JR Mendivil, RScP

September 1, 2019

“The intellect is a cold thing and a merely intellectual idea will never stimulate thought in the same manner that a spiritual idea does.”

---Ernest Holmes 


My life here is a confirmation of God in action. Every moment of every day. Every person I meet is a window into that perfection. I recognize God in all as whole, perfect, and complete.

Our presence together here is a confirmation of unity. I am fully immersed. Peace flows through me now. I am one with God’s presence within.

As I open my mind, I can open my heart to words of peace and love. These words spoken here and the feelings they convey are for me to embrace. My consciousness is fertile ground for new ideas of greater unfoldment. These ideas take form and action within my life. Beauty and joy in expression.

I deny power to unpeaceful or fearful thoughts. My vision is unclouded. My intellect is my servant and spirit is connected to source. I am blessed beyond measure.

With a grateful heart, I breathe life into these words.

And, I release to reach into the universe and fulfill my birthright within the hands of God.

And, so, it is. Amen. 

JR Mendivil, RScP

July 30, 2019

All the buried seeds crack open in the dark the instant they surrender to a process they can't see.
- Mark Nepo

Thoughts and energy. This is the Love that flows as vibration to our very atoms. This is God in action.

As Infinite Intelligence illuminates my life, I feel God's grace within me. Connected and alive, I know I am designed to be me in this present moment.

As I center myself, I become open to the Love and Peace around me. I feel surrounded by people that are open to the same. Every word of wisdom falls on fertile ground and directs my connection to spirit. My openness helps me to embrace a further expansion of goodness into my life. With this connection I allow my heart to guide me. I communicate with love and peace. My whole world changes from the change within me.

I am grateful. My heart is filled with love, and my mind filled with knowing. My demonstration is complete.

And I release, powered by my faith and conviction into God's hands, I know it is so.

And so, it is.

JR Mendivil, RScP

January 20, 2019

Health is not a condition of matter, but a state of mind.”

-       Mary Baker Eddy

God is in the vibration of a butterfly's wings. The vibration of our hearts and breath. The vibration of the Earth moving beneath us. The vibration in the air and in the entire universe. That is God in action. 

And as I connect and allow myself to vibrate with the infinite, I know the truth of God's love. 

I declare at this moment a healing. A healing in myself, and every person here. We are here to heal ourselves through our thoughts and divine unfoldment. My intention is clear: My body is a perfect expression of God. I call upon that sense Within Myself with a clear vision. 

My gratitude lifts my body upwards with peace and love. Each cell is attuned to heal. The infinite with its many paths and methods are aligned for that purpose. I accept the energy with peaceful repose. 

And, as I cast my thoughts, words, and intention to the law, I know is it so.

And so, it is. Amen 

JR Mendivil, RScP