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University Synagogue
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March 17, 2019

Maya Angelou – “Words mean more than what is set down on paper.  It takes the human voice to infuse them with deeper meaning.”

I was created out of Spirit.  I am a part of It and It is a part me.  We are One. Being in alignment with Spirit I know my strength and my True Power. 

As I come into this knowing, I realize the strength of my spoken word.  I know that my word creates my life.   Therefore, I choose my words carefully, I say them clearly and with joyous certainty.  I make sure my heart is in agreement and that the words I speak come from a place of love.  Because I know Spirit is listening to my every utterance, standing ready to say “Yes.” 

I speak my words into the Law and release them, knowing that they are heard and acted upon by Loving Spirit.  I am grateful for this Truth and hold it sacred, promising always to do right by my Spoken Word.  AND SO IT IS!!

Syndi Jones

March 3, 2019

Gurumayi:  “Go for it, don’t look back, and God will be pleased with me.”

God is all there is; there is no other.  Spirit is my courage, talent and wisdom.  I am guided by the Intelligence of the Universe.  It is the One Life, and I am in It.  It is my Life right now.

When I choose to follow my heart’s desires, I know that I can go for it with courage, because God is at my side guiding me always.  Whenever opportunities present themselves, I eagerly take the leap, knowing that God will smile with pleasure at my willingness to say yes to life.  My life as an adventure and I do it with joy and wonderment.  There is no need to look back because my path is only forward, and everything I need to move forward will be provided at the Perfect Time, in the Perfect Way. 

With delight, excitement and gratitude, I release this Truth into the Law.  All is God, all is good, all is well.  AND SO IT IS.

Syndi Jones

January 27, 2019

Ernest Holmes: “Our thought is operated on by a universal creativity which is infinite in its capacity to accomplish.” 

I know I am one with God.  I am the very essence of the Creative Source.  Everything works together for good in the Universe; there can be no other way. 

Law responds to my thoughts and feelings no matter what they might be.  So I choose thoughts and feelings that add to the quality of my life.  I have the power to add depth and dimension to my thinking and my life.  This power starts with my conscious thought in all I do.  Relationships, experiences and love are all touched by my thoughts and feelings.  If I begin to have negative thoughts, I remember that I have the ability to change these thoughts by knowing that I am loved unconditionally and that good and wonderful experiences surround me.  I return to positive thoughts of expectancy and joy. 

I allow Spirit to work through me, unfolding all that is God.  I relax into life, choosing to live surrounded by peace, joy and gratitude. 

And so it is!

Syndi Jones