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November 24, 2019

Martin Luther: “I know not the way God leads me, but well do I know my guide.”

The Intelligence of Divine Mind flows through my being. I was created out of and by this Intelligence. The Intelligence and Knowledge of Divine Mind are my inheritance.

I now acknowledge my unity with Divine Mind and Its Perfect Wisdom, a wisdom that guides me in my life. I allow the Actual Design of my life to become my only design. I allow life to happen through me and not to me. I always know that whatever comes to me, comes to me for a reason. And if it has the appearance of a problem, I also know that Spirit has the perfect right Solution for me to use whenever I’m ready. I release the desire to control my life, and replace it with the desire to follow Spirit into a life that is perfect for me, full of wonder and miracles.

From this place of Truth, I am prepared to enter my day with gratitude and joy. I step out into life with confidence, knowing that by following the guidance of Spirit, my life will be spectacular. AND SO IT IS

Syndi Jones RScP

September 29, 2019

From a song sung by Etta James:

“Trust in Me in all you do.  Have the faith in Me I have in you.  We will see it through if only you trust in Me.”

In my life I have one unfailing constant, Divine Spirit.  Whenever I have a problem, I turn to God for the Perfect Solution.  Whenever I feel weak or tired, I remember my True Power comes from God.  Whenever I can’t see the Truth, Divine Wisdom makes things clear for me.  I know that I do my life with God at my side, and that whatever I need will be supplied at the exact right moment.  My world is filled with happiness, prosperity and joy because I trust my Life to God. 

I release these words with gratitude into the Universe, knowing that by doing so I have made my world a better place.  I am grateful for each day I spend with this Perfect Love.  AND SO IT IS! 

Syndi Jones RScP

July 21, 2019

Larry Doochin: 

“Acceptance of yourself automatically translates into acceptance of others.” 

Infinite Love is the healing consciousness that underlies the unity of all.  This Love is constant; It is that which remains when all else falls away.  God’s Love is the core of all being; It is Divine and eternal.  I am one with this Perfect Truth. 

Free of conditions, independent of circumstances, and above and beyond appearances, Divine Love is perfect freedom.  I experience the exhilaration of this freedom, as I know myself to be one with Spirit. 

Greater understanding, greater compassion and greater kindness flow through me now in ways that serve me and all others with whom I come in contact.  I love and accept myself exactly as I am, and I am empowered to love and accept all others exactly as they are. 

Grateful for the freedom this experience of unconditional acceptance brings to me, I release my word and know I am one with Divine Love.  And so it is. 

Syndi Jones RScP

June 9, 2019

William James:

“Our greatest discovery is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind. As you think, so shall you be.”

I was created out of the One Mind, Divine Spirit. As I allow myself to align with Divine Mind, I feel my attitudes change. I easily look at my day from this enlightened perspective and see all things as God. I choose to remember the joys in my life and release the dramas. I choose to see myself as joyous and prosperous and let go of any ideas of sorrow and loss. I choose to hear the words of Spirit which direct me to my best possible outcome and refuse to be tempted by words that come from doubt and fear. I constantly check my thoughts to make sure they are in alignment with Divine Mind, as I create a life that is exactly what I think it to be.

With gratitude I release these thoughts into Law, knowing they will come back to me as my reality.


Syndi Jones RScP

May 5, 2019

Jack Canfield: 

“The Law of Attraction states that whatever you focus on, think about, read about and talk about intensely, you’re going to attract more of into your life.”

God is the Only Cause of all life, creating infinitely out of wholeness, perfection and love.  God created me out of Itself, infusing me completely with its nature.  I think with the Mind of God, and Mind responses by conforming to what I believe.

I now see my good in my imagination, and I feel it in my heart.  I am no longer waiting.  Where fear may have lurked in the shadows, holding me back, the light of Truth shines forth, and I am free to be me.  My fulfillment is complete and already available, alive in Mind and attracting the greater good I seek.

I appreciate the reality of my inner life, knowing my outer life unfolds by celebrating all the goodness Spirit offers.  I move confidently in my mind and in my world.  I show up joyfully, greeting the present moment, feeling successful in all I think, say and do.   I gratefully receive, trusting in consciousness and revealing my desire. 

And so it is.

Syndi Jones RScP

March 17, 2019

Maya Angelou:

“Words mean more than what is set down on paper.  It takes the human voice to infuse them with deeper meaning.”

I was created out of Spirit.  I am a part of It and It is a part me.  We are One. Being in alignment with Spirit I know my strength and my True Power. 

As I come into this knowing, I realize the strength of my spoken word.  I know that my word creates my life.   Therefore, I choose my words carefully, I say them clearly and with joyous certainty.  I make sure my heart is in agreement and that the words I speak come from a place of love.  Because I know Spirit is listening to my every utterance, standing ready to say “Yes.” 

I speak my words into the Law and release them, knowing that they are heard and acted upon by Loving Spirit.  I am grateful for this Truth and hold it sacred, promising always to do right by my Spoken Word.  AND SO IT IS!!

Syndi Jones RScP

March 3, 2019


“Go for it, don’t look back, and God will be pleased with me.”

God is all there is; there is no other.  Spirit is my courage, talent and wisdom.  I am guided by the Intelligence of the Universe.  It is the One Life, and I am in It.  It is my Life right now.

When I choose to follow my heart’s desires, I know that I can go for it with courage, because God is at my side guiding me always.  Whenever opportunities present themselves, I eagerly take the leap, knowing that God will smile with pleasure at my willingness to say yes to life.  My life as an adventure and I do it with joy and wonderment.  There is no need to look back because my path is only forward, and everything I need to move forward will be provided at the Perfect Time, in the Perfect Way. 

With delight, excitement and gratitude, I release this Truth into the Law.  All is God, all is good, all is well.  AND SO IT IS.

Syndi Jones RScP

January 27, 2019

Ernest Holmes:

“Our thought is operated on by a universal creativity which is infinite in its capacity to accomplish.” 

I know I am one with God.  I am the very essence of the Creative Source.  Everything works together for good in the Universe; there can be no other way. 

Law responds to my thoughts and feelings no matter what they might be.  So I choose thoughts and feelings that add to the quality of my life.  I have the power to add depth and dimension to my thinking and my life.  This power starts with my conscious thought in all I do.  Relationships, experiences and love are all touched by my thoughts and feelings.  If I begin to have negative thoughts, I remember that I have the ability to change these thoughts by knowing that I am loved unconditionally and that good and wonderful experiences surround me.  I return to positive thoughts of expectancy and joy. 

I allow Spirit to work through me, unfolding all that is God.  I relax into life, choosing to live surrounded by peace, joy and gratitude. 

And so it is!

Syndi Jones RScP