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Sunday Service: ONLINE ONLY
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May 10, 2020

Go forth in peace, for you have followed the good road. Go forth without fear for God Who created you has made you holy, has always protected you, and loves you as a mother. ”Sister Clare’s last words “

There is a loving, nurturing Presence that permeates all of Life. This Mother-God essence is in every living being and the unlimited Source of Love in all of us.
As a Divine expression of this Universal Presence, I am one with that which nurtures my soul, my life and my world.
With every waking moment I realize the transformative power of nurturing my environment, and everyone around me, and in moments of doubt, I fall back into the loving embrace of Spirit. Everything I touch blossoms as I am the channel of God’s love. I am protected and guided, infused with the peace and wisdom of God. I go forth with quiet confidence with the assurance that life is constantly conspiring in my favor. My garden is lush and filled with the abundance of all that I value.
I am so grateful for the loving, abundant world surrounding me. With a deep sense of appreciation and inspiration, I give thanks for knowing these truths.
I release these words into the universal Law that now manifests through me.
And so it is.

Robert Estrada RScP

March 22, 2020

“Belief in duality has made man sick and the understanding of Unity will heal him. God stands to us for the One Life in which we all live.”
Ernest Holmes, Science of Mind

There is but One Mind, the Mind of God, which creates and animates all of life. It is the source of all good, perfect health and well-being. God is everywhere and in all things.
This One Mind also created me in Its image and likeness. And in Its image I am one with the perfection of being. This One Mind is my mind now, animating my thoughts and actions.
In the feeling of this reality, I accept my perfect wholeness and perfect health now. If ever I feel a sense of dis-ease I use it as an indicator of my mistaken sense of separation from this Divine Mind and I quickly re-unite with the Oneness that is God. I breath into this perfection that is God and I feel the vibrancy that is my life.
Thankfully I accept this Truth as I joyfully move through these times.
I release this prayer into the Law of Mind knowing that it is done for me now.
And so it is.

Robert Estrada RScP

January 12, 2020

It is wonderful to know that your good is at hand. Your night wanes. Your dawn is breaking. There is a living Spirit at the center of your being. The original Author of all life is in and around you.                           - Ernest Holmes

Spirit is the One Source of all Life and wellbeing. This benevolent Intelligence is present in every living being. It is the unlimited Source of Love in all of us.

I unify with this loving Presence which created me in It’s image and likeness. I know this is true for everyone around me.

Whenever there is a sense of fear, loneliness, abandonment or separation, all I have to do is to ask God to help me see things as God sees them. I can know what God knows simply by asking, and falling silently into the warm embrace of this loving Spirit. I regain my Peace and faith, remembering God’s promise: “I am ever with you wherever you go. I will never leave you.” All sense of loneliness or separation evaporates with my feeling of oneness with “All there is.” If God is all there is, what possibly is there to worry about? 

It is with a sense of gratitude that I know this Truth.

I speak my word into the Universal Law of Life that now manifests through me.

And so it is.

Robert Estrada RScP