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Sunday Service: ONLINE ONLY
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May 31, 2020


"To reach the port of Heaven, we must sail
sometimes with the wind and sometimes against it –
but we must sail, and not drift, nor lie at anchor.”
- Oliver Wendell Holmes

There is only one Infinite Existence that surrounds and is within all that is. This Power and Presence created me in its image and likeness; surrounding and expressing through me as Love, Abundance and Wisdom.

While God is the cause to all creation, I am the cause in the direction of my life. To choose my destination, I decide what I will do and who I will be, and set the course that will take me there. When I release thoughts of limitation or lack, I release any hardships I may encounter that would block my trip. I set sail to places I have only imagined. All my dreams are waiting for me to make them my own and make them my own experience. Knowing the possibilities for a successful life are endless, I set my intention to accomplish great things today. My life is my voyage and I am making it the most of this wonderful trip.

I am conscious of the fact that God’s Creation surrounds and fills me. I gratefully accept the course I have planned; I intend to live it to the fullest. With deepest gratitude, I release my word into the Law, and know it is in action, here and now.


Ginni Gordon RScP

March 29, 2020


 “All doubt and fear must go and in their place must come

Faith and confidence,

For we shall be led by the Spirit into all good.

Ernest Holmes

I affirm with Faith that God is all there is. Because I know God is my strength and my supply, waiting to be used for my highest and best, I let go and let God. I am confident that Spirit is always at work, unfolding and guiding every moment of every day. 

I turn away entirely from the facts and illusions of disease, pain or limitation in the world and focus instead on God’s Truth. I consciously allow Spirit to work through me this day knowing there is no crisis bigger than God. I live and have my being in Faith, moving beyond any seeming obstacle life appears to present. I turn in confidence and see Truth beyond outer appearances. And I celebrate this awareness of who I truly am – Faith made manifest here and now. 

There is truly nothing but God; nothing but Faith, perfect order and Truth in the Universe. I release my prayer into Divine Law, confident that it is in action. Here and now.


Ginni Gordon RScP

January 26, 2020


“We are each the parents of our dreams,
so we must support them as best we can
until they can support themselves.”
Paul and Sarah Edwards

There is One Power, One Creative Intelligence, that motivates me along the path of my journey. This Divine Presence encourages me to lead an inspired life; to manifest, in thought and action, everything my dreams are calling me to do and be.

My life is a journey of adventure and delight. Each moment brings me, through my dreams, opportunities to create new life experiences. Through my beliefs and the decisions I make, the path of my journey is clear to me. Every idea necessary for living successfully is already present in me; I breathe life into my dreams and know they are already fulfilled by Spirit, here and now. I honor my dreams; and with courage and faith as my guide, I step out into the future, knowing that what I need to know, think and do are being clearly revealed.

I accept the path of my journey, that of creating and manifesting my dreams. With gratitude, knowing that Spirit is guiding my actions, I release my prayer into the law and step out into all that is unfolding in my life


Ginni Gordon RScP