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Sunday Service: ONLINE ONLY
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June 21, 2020

The divine nature of God flows through each one of us, to us, as us. This is the out-picturing of our being in time and space.

I recognize my connection with the infinite, and myself in the flow of this perfect love. I cast open the windows and doors in my mind. I am one with God.

I declare God is my source and provides me with all I need.

Layer by layer, moment by moment,
Divine Guidance informs and inspires my thoughts and actions.

I am supported and loved. Abundance and prosperity my birthright.
And my every action leads to a greater the manifestation of good in my life.

And for this beautiful creation, I am grateful.
Grateful to witness, and grateful to be in this unity.
I am an open book, grateful for the word of life.

And as I release, powered by my convictions, I know it is so.
And so, it is. Amen.

JR Mendivil, RScP