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Sunday's Message

Big Magic ~ Dr. Jim's Jan. 2016 Series

Big Magic ~ Dr. Jim's Jan. 2016 Series
By Dr. Jim Turrell on Jan 20, 2016 in Sunday's Message

An exciting new series of talks based on Elizabeth Gilbert's new book, "Big Magic." Join Dr. Jim as he explores the powerful idea of living a creative life, free from boredom, distractions, and worry.


Living the Curious Life

By Dr. Jim Turrell on Mar 18, 2015 in Sunday's Message

We all have curious minds. We all have the ability to ask questions.
These two realities deserve our attention because without these realities we could not grow or grasp the life weíve been given to live. When youíre not aware of these realities, it is a struggle to grow because you donít have a new reality that could take you into new territory. Your life is a circular repeating pattern thatís stuck on a level of expression that is tedious, boring, frustrating and resists questions like: What do you want? or What would make your happy?


Anatomy of a Healing

By Dr. Jim Turrell on Mar 03, 2015 in Sunday's Message

Everyone has a story and every story has power; the power to create unity or the power to create separation. Most stories create separation because they are generated in our subconscious memories and are a reaction to what we have emotionally memorized. When the experience of our life stimulates a reaction, we tell our story and use it as a reason to sustain our memory and keep our status quo intact.