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Services: Sunday 9:30 & 11:15 am

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Dec 31, 2016

Welcome to 2017 an Opportunity to Thrive

By Dr. Jim Turrell

Welcome to 2017. This year has been waiting for you and promises to manifest what you think about all day long. This is both a warning and an opportunity to change the way you think about what you want. To assist you in this worthy cause, I will be speaking about what it takes to enter the Magic Shop, a metaphor for the higher consciousness where we all have the capability to manifest.

Based on a book, Into The Magic Shop written by James Doty, M.D., this book is his story of how he went from being a child living in Lancaster, California with an alcoholic Dad and a mentally challenged mother to becoming the head Neurosurgeon at Stanford University. This book was given to me by LuAnne and Mike Venham and from the moment I started reading it, my life began to change.

The first talk, presented on Sunday, January 8, tells the story of Dr. Doty’s early discovery of his conscious mind and how it works. His teacher shows up as the mother of the man opening the magic shop in Lancaster, California. She teaches him how to prepare for a life of success by giving him the consciousness of YES; but saying yes and applying your thoughts are two different challenges. Doty’s trials begin when he accepts that his life-experience—based on his thoughts—becomes his choice; and that he is responsible for changing the way he thinks.

The second talk is all about application. When you’re faced with a regular experience of break-downs and failures it’s actually easier to apply the magic because you don’t have a lot of alternatives to test. Turns out, the application of love is not brain surgery, it’s about the way you think and how you use your ability to focus your thoughts into action.

The third talk is a spelling lesson in how to apply the alphabet of the heart. Doty, with the precision of a skilled surgeon, opens the door to a much deeper dictionary that is more then words. It is a lexicon of practices, beliefs, and discipline.

The last talk is the resolution and the call to action that is eternally playing in our inner-ear. It is the call of Spirit helping us chose the right thoughts and apply them through right action. It is a fitting ending to a new beginning that will fill you with inspiration and shower you with love.

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