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Jan 31, 2017

How to Explain the Universe

By Dr. Jim Turrell

How do you explain the Universe, God, and your relationship to the Eternal? Deepak Chopra has written another book and this time he has ventured into the world of science; and has come under attack by scientists who have accused him of mixing spirituality with science. 

For as long as I have known Deepak, he has always equated the infinite with a Divine Intelligence that was in each of us like the ocean is in the drop of water. To call religion a science has challenged those who know science has a discipline that only believes in what it can prove empirically or mathematically.

Religion, like philosophy, is the study of how humanity attaches meaning to what it believes itself to be. Our teaching, known as Religious Science is the study of how humanity seeks meaning in its relationship with God. In his new book, You Are the Universe, Chopra, along with Menas Kafatos, a physicist, challenge the scientific community by building a bridge that helps us understand recent scientific discoveries and how they apply to spiritual philosophy.

Focusing on Einstein’s theory of Relativity and Plank’s theory of Quantum Physics, the book is a wonderful explanation that feels more like a journey than a lesson.

Chopra writes, “The miracle of vision lies in the mechanics of how the brain processes sunlight, that much is clear. Yet the step that matters the most, converting sunlight into vision, is totally mysterious. No matter what you see in the world—an apple, cloud, mountains, or tree—sunlight bouncing off the object makes it visible. But how? No one really knows, but the secret formula contains sight, because seeing is one of the basic ways of knowing that an object is real.

At present, no one can explain how invisible photons being converted to chemical reactions and faint electrical impulses in the brain creates the three-dimensional reality we all take for granted.”

This book has challenged my ability to simplify complicated ideas. Chopra and Kafatos provide a very specific study of time, mass, and space; and how our perception either creates reality or reflects it. To meet the challenge, I will be seeking to build a deeper understanding of how Religious Science fits with Chopra’s ideas and how we explain the infinite.

My first talk, How we Grasp the Nature of Who We Are and go Beyond our Awareness, explores the nature of Space and Time. My second talk, The Mystery of Eternality, seeks to see life as a journey of discovery. My third talk, How to Celebrate Your Cosmic Life, will give you a construct of Cause and Effect created to guide your heart in the right direction. 

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