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Services: Sunday 9:30 & 11:15 am

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Aug 01, 2017

Finding the Rhythm and Soul of Creation

By Dr. Jim Turrell

Starting Sunday, August 6, I will be giving a series of talks on the application of our Spiritual Cause and Effect approach to centering your life rhythmically and using your Soul artistically to create and live a life that is inspired, original, and authentic.   

Creation is not a myth. It is a real and now experience that requires our ability to relate to the God, the Cause of existence and the experience of fulfillment. My intention is to examine the rhythm and soul of life and how the process of our metamorphosis keeps changing our lives

The first Sunday we will look at who we are from the perception of the artist. An artist may have a paint brush, a chisel, or a knife, but the creative power within has only the feeling and ideal for which it was created to express. In art, rhythm is, in part, described as the repeated patterns, variations, and intensity of form. This is also true of the rhythm of our soul. In the human experience, the soul craves expression and will, no matter what, find a way to express.

The second talk will focus on the rhythm and soul of science. Some of this talk will cover ideas I express in my book, The Way I am. There has, for a long time, been a battle between Science and Religion for the soul of humanity. There are consequences for those so get mentally trapped in the middle. Consequences that give you only a few ways to think. I will show you that there is no reason to get stuck in their cross fire. There are ways to move above and beyond and build a bridge that will give us free passage to find what we require to live a peaceful and prosperous life.

My third talk will focus on philosophy and how to find the wonder, wisdom, and whim that will correct any deviations you might currently be experiencing in the process of what you were created to become.  For this talk, I will load up on my good friend Ralph Waldo Emerson and together we will discover his amazing talent to get to the point of what needs to be healed, corrected, or created.

My last talk will be applied to one of my favorite subjects, the rhythm and soul of music and how it moves us into feelings that only music can create within us. For this talk I will be including our musicians, their experiences and the discoveries that can only be made by participating. Remember, life is here to be engaged. Those who miss this point will lack direction and the feelings necessary to propel you along the journey.

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