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Services: Sunday 9:30 & 11:15 am

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Oct 02, 2017

Discover the Freedom of Spiritual Economics

By Dr. Jim Turrell

When we talk about prosperity in our Science, we mean how the Principle of Prosperity functions as a Spiritual Law. There is a lot of confusion around the subject of prosperity because the majority of people who study prosperity do not study it as a law. Those who study prosperity, study it as a skill set that once mastered will lead to the accumulation of wealth. For example, if you learn how to buy low and sell high in real estate or the stock market, you can accumulate wealth. If you can develop the skill of investing, you can accumulate wealth.
I am not in disagreement with any of these skills. However, they have nothing to do with the Law of Prosperity. Instead, the study of these skills deal in how you view human behavior in being able to predict how people value what the world is worth. The spiritual nature of life does not judge according to how the world values property or commodities. The spiritual nature of life views prosperity as a state of mind, not a state of accumulated assets. When you transition out of this body, your credit rating has no meaning. There is no bottom line of judging your success at living based upon how much money and assets you have accumulated.
This is what makes Dr. Eric Butterworth’s book on Spiritual Economics, so valuable. He helps those who read his book understand that the value of your life refers to how you value the Principles of the Infinite and Eternal nature of Love, Peace, Understanding, and Compassion. This is why Butterworth starts his book with a chapter on, The Truth About Substance, and not money. Prosperity is not about Self-Worth. It is not about how much you are worth.
October is a five-Sunday month and we will be exploring Butterworth’s ideas on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Sundays. On the first Sunday, I will be exploring a book written by Dr. Joan Borysenko, Mending the Body, Mending the Mind. A significant study of our teaching swirls around the influence your emotional, mental, and physical state of mind has upon your experience. On Sunday, Oct 1, the first service will be a condensation of Dr. Borysenko’s views and how they relate to the Science of Mind. Then the second service will be an interview with Dr. Borysenko. She and I will discuss how her study of science influences the application of our teaching. This information will help you understand the importance of her workshop after the second service from 12:15 to 1:45 p.m.
Both our study of Dr. Butterworth’s book, and the workshop Dr. Borysenko will present, will make October one of the richest experiences of the year. Join us and grow!

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