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Oct 31, 2017

The Four Aims of Life: Alignment, Initiative, Meaning, and Self-Realization

By Dr. Jim Turrell

The Four Aims of Life

The aim of life is not always known. There are times when the mark we seek to make in this world is not available for our aim. In other words, life finds a way to conceal our human ambition and rob us of our driven nature. The world, however, is not where we come from and it is not where we are going too. The Divine Nature of life would step in and remind us that our first obligation to life is to connect with the Divine and pull our attention to the miracle of the moment—the now.

This series of talks addresses the way to our connection with God. The tools are right in front of us, but not used enough to sustain our connection and strengthen the signal. The Universe is always signaling our presence with opportunities to love, express peace, and live. The apparent symptom of a disconnected life is a busy signal. Many people hang-up on God or refuse the call because it doesn’t appear to be a money-maker or a status-grabber. The Divine, however, never hangs-up on us. It just stays near us waiting for us to hear the call. The tools are ready to be used, we just have to pick-up the receiver and listen. The three tools are meditation, affirmations, and affirmative prayer. I will train you in all of these approaches and give you some very effective ways to link-up to the power.

Then, on the second Sunday, we will explore the power of care. I know you think you care because you occasionally think about what might be missing from your life. The connection must happen first and then your care will be the practice of the following: Patience and Peace, Love and Forgiveness, and Gratitude and Trust.  Rehearse these Principles and you will be surprised how the action of your initiative will dramatically change from self-absorbed to self-expressive, from self-doubt to self-knowing, and from self-depreciating to self-initiative. You will step up, step out and step into a Universe that is waiting for your recognition.

On the third Sunday, I will open a door that for many, has been closed for too long. I will address four specific acts of life: Vision, Veritas, Curiosity, and Challenge. These are the meaning makers. They insist on a point of view, a point departure, a point of willingness, and a point of self-discovery. They are containers that help us see the context in which we see ourselves and the life we are intended to live. Once we feel the meaning of who we are and why we’ve taken this form, life will forever change and we will naturally correct every false idea that diverts our attention and runs us out of town, fearful and fraught with worry.

Finally, on the fourth Sunday you will find the secret of eternal life, a belief in the continuity of your existence. Never again will you doubt why you are here or the direction you must take. Age, gender, identity and education will disappear as qualifiers and in their place, will come self-realization. Of course, if you miss a Sunday, you will miss a step in the sequence which will set your aim and find your mark. Join me, this will be the mirror you have been looking for that will reflect the truth, genius, and intelligence God created you to experience.

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