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Nov 29, 2017

December, a Transitional Month, Occupied with Stories, Metaphor, & Tradition

By Dr. Jim Turrell

December, a transitional month, occupies our attention with Stories, Metaphor, and Tradition. Each year, I seek to find ways to expand the metaphors and add new understanding to the stories. I am not so much interested in the religious significance we find in the traditions, as I am interested in the spiritual messages these stories convey. For instance, the characters, Zachariah and Elizabeth, exemplify the yearning for change and the power of duty. Duty, a misunderstood word, inherits a definition seen as things we have to do versus things we do for our growth. The willingness to become ourselves, and the obstacles we encounter, speaks to why our teaching informs and inspires a way out of the confusion.

The first stories I talk about Sunday, December 3, are about three Miracles necessary to begin almost all transitions. The first is the miracle of Zachariah meeting the archangel Gabriel who delivers a message, which confuses Zachariah to the point where Gabriel has to strike him mute (incapable of speaking). The second story is about the relationship between Zachariah and Elizabeth, and how that relationship, emblematic of relationships essential to change, must occur in order to grow. The last story, about Hanukah, speaks to the miracle of Light or Understanding.

The second Sunday tells the story of Mary and Elizabeth and the creation of John the Baptist. Again, I want to emphasizes, these stories are not so much about Christianity as they are about the spiritual journey we are all in together. The key elements of this story wrap themselves around the core desire to create our own understanding about the intellect and the spirit. Both different and both seeking a way to work together.

The third Sunday will be a first. The simultaneous telling about the birth of Peace in the persona of Jesus and the persona of Siddhartha. Both stories have parallel paths that lead to the same enlightenment. Jesus become the Christ and Siddhartha becomes the Buddha.

In between the third and fourth Sundays, we have Solstice and the story of how humanity figured out the Infinite.

The fourth Sunday, on the eve of Christmas, tells the story of the Return of Light and the Birth of Peace.

The last Sunday moves out of the stories, metaphors, and tradition stage into the requirement to bring closure to 2017.

Join me and we will journey together through some amazing landscapes populated with stories, defined by traditions and brought to life by metaphor.

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