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Jan 30, 2018

Spirit, Soul, and Body: How Science of Mind is Different from other Religions

By Dr. Jim Turrell

To apply our teaching to your life, it helps to have a thorough understanding of Spirit, Soul and Body. These three labels define how we think about God and our place in the eternal nature of the Universe. While we speak about these terms, we do not always define how they differ from other religions. This can be confusing because people think they have a Spirit and a Soul that is unique to them. They can also believe that their Spirit and Soul may not be a good or powerful than other Spirits or Souls. This is not possible because there is only one Spirit and Soul and each person occupies and uses that amount of Spirit and Soul that they contain. This means that you have as much Spirit as you have the consciousness to contain and utilize. It also means that we share the same Spirit and Soul and that there is no separation between God’s creation and ourselves. Where we are unique is in how we use and apply Spirit and Soul to create our “body of experience.” Your body and your experience is the effect you create based on what you believe and feel is the truth.

Spirit is different that Soul because Spirit is that part of your being that chooses what it wants to demonstrate both on the physical and emotional plane. This means that you are 100% responsible for what you experience, feel and believe. You are always at choice but often you do not choose what you want to experience or believe. Instead, people often default to an old belief carried in their subconscious. In my first talk in February I will address the problem of how to live in the conscious of choice and neutralize old beliefs that might run contrary to what you want.

In my second talk, I will reveal how your soul, without objection, religiously keeps creating your old beliefs. The Soul, you see, does not have the ability to choose. That is the prerogative of your Spirit. The body you create mirrors what you believe and how you feel.

In my third talk, I will show you how to evaluate the body of your experience and then show you how to use that information to choose a different way of thinking. Let have some fun and change the way you think so you can prosper, grow and heal.

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Mar 11, 2018 Arrow1 Down Reply

New to the center. Attended 1st time last week. Was curious to know if there are recordings of these past lectures? thanks