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Mar 30, 2018

The Principles of Successful Living revisited

By Dr. Jim Turrell

The month of April will be a spiritual adventure created to align your mind with God’s Mind. We start with the premise that perfect God moves and has Its being in the perfection the Divine creates—that is you! This establishes our course and keeps our minds centered on God’s presence within our own presence. This also grounds us in what Ernest Holmes called, “The Principles of Successful Living.” Our first rule? Bring Heaven on Earth! This is the theme for Easter 2018, and it is all about going deeper into the sacred idea of trusting the life God creates for us to live and learning how to raise, praise, and gather unto us a consciousness of Love.
For this Easter, I will be leaning on the music to communicate the feeling of my message. This four-part narrative will start with the question, “Are you ready to bring Heaven on Earth?” To amplify the meaning attached to the answer, Gia and the Center Band and Singers will perform a rock’n song made famous by the Staple Singers, “If You’re Ready.” This is followed by a brief setup/message to get you prepared for yet another great Staple Singers song, “Woke Up This Morning.” Then get set for the call to action, “Your Own Personal Jesus,” performed by Rob Turrell and the Center Band and Singers.
The final closing message attaches itself to one of the newest and greatest songs from the movie, “The Greatest Showman, This is Me.” This will be the barnburner that sets your soul on fire and brings home the message of the season—Jesus, Passover, and the Resurrection. This narrative changes lives and opens hearts.
The rest of April is consumed with a message on the Principles of Successful Living.

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