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Apr 30, 2018

What you Need to Know about Physical Perfection

By Center Staff

I often think about how to wrap my arms and mind around the idea of Physical Perfection. At first, it sounds right, expect when I start to feel resistance in what I observe. All those suffering from disease, confusion, and pain, are they Perfect? My senses want to dismantle the idea of Physical Perfection and react with disbelief. After all, how can you tell me about a healing law that can change a condition or a circumstance. I’ve seen too many suffer and die. Were they perfect? When my physical and emotional observations overwhelm my rational mind, I can’t argue with what I have observed and concluded.  

The question I ask, that always brings me back to the Truth is, “Have you observed perfection without suffering, confusion or pain?” When I study folks who create the consciousness that doesn’t suffer, get confused or live in pain, I find folks who have drawn a different conclusion. Does this mean they have stopped the experience of disease? No. What it means is that they have stopped building a consciousness of disease and confusion and TURNED AWAY from the observation of the condition or circumstance and turned toward the consciousness of Perfect Life, Perfect Being, Perfect Divine Intelligence.

The biology of life, in all its variations, proves Life to be Self-Expressive, Self-Creative and Self-Evolving. Every challenge nature throws at Life, Life adjusts and evolves.

The month of May will be an exploration of how to change our observations and learn the language of the Universe. The study of Physical Perfection is the study of our Divine and Sacred connection with the Universal Intelligence of all Life. The first step, recognize what we heal and how we apply Truth to Power.  

My second talk will focus on the perpetual power of healing. A power overlooked and rarely applied, CHOICE. Choice challenges us to view life has an eternal and ever-present power we possess. So why don’t we use it?

Our third talk will be delivered by one of my favorite experts on how our Concepts Limit Us and why we must heal our mind before we can heal our lives. Dr. Sue Rubin, a spot-on speaker lays out a pathway easy to follow and always memorable. Do not miss the opportunity to hear her genius express.

To complete my series, I will address why we must, Not go beyond your understanding and Depend upon Principle. All in all this series builds a new lucid and limitless way to strengthen your relationship with the Divine and live in peace and plenty. Have fun and enjoy the genius of Dr. Holmes.  

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