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May 30, 2018

Mystics are Spiritual Guides

By Dr. Jim Turrell

June’s job is to welcome us to summer. The time of growth and sunshine is upon us and we must grow into its opportunity and weed out all thoughts, which do not serve our evolution. That is why I focus on the importance of Spiritual Guides known as MYSTICS.

This does not mean Psychics are not useful. It means that Mystics do not tune into your life’s experiences. Mystics do not even ask about what you are experiencing. Mystics, instead, are more interested in your realization of who you are spiritually.

In pursuit of this idea, I will be addressing the Mystical experience by first defining how mystics move and demonstrate realizations from their experiences of Unity and Oneness.  Mystics do not view life in isolation. Mystics see connections that most others do not. To celebrate American Mystics I will introduce you to a new one each week. Phineas Parkhurst Quimby made clocks and explored new ways to heal and bring life into a higher level of experience. Quimby, born in New England in 1802, became interested on Mesmerism and discovered a new and holistic way to look at life. “As man begins to reason from another starting point, different results are accomplished.”

The second Sunday, I will address the Mystical experience of   “Individualizing the Divine.” Dr. Holmes speaks to the necessity to see your life’s meaning emanating from the way and nature of how you think in relationship to the Universe. Dr. Holmes says, “The higher the sense of Truth, the greater will be the realization of the uniqueness of individual character and personality.” When we think of truth in regards to a higher way of thinking we see the Real idea of who we are.  To compliment this idea I will be sharing the Mystical Genius of Ralph Waldo Emerson. Perhaps the most influential philosopher of the 20th century.

The third and final Sunday of June, I will delve into the topics of Salvation and Evolution of the Soul and The Cosmic Consciousness that Illumines what grows within each as we explore our God Created Potential. 

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Jul 13, 2018 Arrow1 Down Reply

Do you offer individual instruction in self-realization?

Jul 13, 2018 Arrow1 Down Reply

Do you offer individual instruction in self-realization?