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Jul 05, 2018

Exploring the Metaphysics of Pop Culture

By Dr. Jim Turrell

Every year July rises up in my conscious mind and every year Benjamin Franklin makes himself apparent, orbed, present and in my mind; a thoughtful, inventive, and creative being. That means I can see the importance of Ben’s thoughts and feelings and sense his presence in my presence. This experience helps me express the wonderful story and spiritual meaning of our country and the three documents that declared our independence, defined our rights and established the rule of law.
After that, I will dedicate the next four Sundays in July to the exploration of the Science of Mind in contrast to the metaphysics of the pop cultures that define our age and ability to manifest the life we imagine. To make sure I stay on point in regards to our teaching I am juxtaposing the examination of pop culture with the first four chapters of the Science of Mind: The Thing Itself, The Way It Works, What It Does, and How To Use It.
No doubt, some of you may resist such a comparison. All I ask is before you question the subject ask yourself this, “will this direction help me to have a better understanding of our philosophy and the differences in what influences and informs our choices?” Consider the importance of looking at our cultures as a way to illumine the nature and effectiveness of our philosophy. Dr. Holmes said that life is a combination of thoughts and feelings. I say that culture is a very effective way to get a good look at our core beliefs and practices.
On July 8, the first Sunday of this series I will search for the meaning of our philosophy by examining the sensation of the TV series and movies called Star Trek. I have asked my son-in-law Kevin, who is knowledgeable about much of this subject matter to provide some props so we can have a “cultural altar” to display some of the physical effects of each cultural phenomena. I will look at the characters in this story as representative of our personalities and tendencies.
On July 15, I will search for the power of our philosophy by examining the how the movie series “Star Wars,” explained power. The “cultural altar” will contain some wonderful examples of Artificial Intelligence and how that subject is now being examined in our immediate future. I will also look at the characters in the story as representative of sense of self and how we make—or resist making—choices.
On July 22, I will be out of town, so Rev. Janet Moore will examine the search for connection as revealed in the Harry Potter series. This amazing collection of characters, buildings, and supernatural powers will be explored in relation to the third chapter in Science of Mind, How to Use It. Dr. Holmes says—in a very Harry Potter way—“A practitioner consciously removes the apparent obstruction, and leaves the field open to a new influx of Spirit. He or she resolves things into thoughts, dissolves the negative appearance in the condition, by recognizing only perfection.”
On July 29, I will be back to take a completely different tack by examining how we search for the Universal in a Universe of Infinite presence and power. My subject matter will include one of my favorite book by John Steinbeck, The Log of the Sea of Cortez and the Wizard of Oz. Both are stories of how we survey our personal stories and the topography that informs the meanings and purpose of our lives.
Obviously, this will be an amazing challenge and worthwhile effort where we’ll have a lot of fun in the process.

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Aug 10, 2019 Arrow1 Down Reply

Iroquois women wrote the original constitution and was reinvented by founding fathers in the way you were speaking on Awakening podcast with Eric and Jewel.