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Aug 23, 2018

Getting Closer to God, The Feeling of Being Alone

By Dr. Jim Turrell

September 2 Getting Closer to God

The feeling of being alone, created by doubt, manufactures a mentality of uncertainty that infects the mind with fear and anticipation. Religion provides rules. A Spiritual Philosophy provides Principles that guide behavior leading you to God. Which is more effective, guidance or rules?

We all posses the same Cause and Effect nature. God is cause and moves through our mentalities animating what we believe and feel. The emotional nature of how we live is often overlooked because we would like to believe that our thoughts are rational and intelligent. Often, however, the emotions we feel rise and make a reactive choice that feels in sync at the moment but turns out later to be an ego-centric decision that demands a response versus being in sync with Principle.  Principle seeks to create a consciousness where life resolves itself into a pathway of love. Reactions are not rational, they are emotional scripts buried in a subconscious file entitled, “convenient things to say or act out when you forget who created you and why.”

No one can live in the feeling of loneliness and manufacture a pathway to peace. This is when you create an excuse for your unhappiness instead of a way to walk through it to Joy. The Truth, you are never alone. The power that created you never deserted you. You desert God when you fail to use your word to declare your unity and your life animated by peace.   

The Science of Mind is a philosophy that gives you a way to think about the unity of being and the eternality of life. It is a teaching, a way to fulfillment, and a pathway of self-discovery on the journey. To get closer to God we must learn to dismiss our doubt and go deeper into the eternal Universal Oneness. As always, this is a choice we must make each day. You must apply to the Principle and then let the Principle apply itself by means of your creative presence.  This means it must work through you in order to work for you.

The following affirmative prayer applies itself by declaring your presence to be the active nature of God’s love waiting with patience and peace, observing your blessings and realizing oneness.

The nature of God’s Love is eternal. The Universe, more than a physical idea, appears in every aspect of being. My life and God’s life functions as one life. My being unifies with the infinite and regulates the rhythm of my heart and my breath. All is well and unfolding as it should. Right now, I am inseparably connected with the nature of all that I see, feel, and think. Life’s blessings fill my eyes with joy and my heart with the confidence of a Divine creation made in the image and likeness of this perfect life given to me to live. The Divine illumines my path and allows me the confidence to dismiss the reactions of my memory and declare Love my Principle, my creator, my life. Light and understanding show me the way HOME, Happiness Ordained Mind Emancipated. Thank you, God, for all my blessings and my life. Every aspect of my being illumines my path and ordains my journey. Released, my word lifts my life into the demonstration spoken. AND SO IT IS!

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Dec 24, 2018 Arrow1 Down Reply
Jamila Oma

Very enlightening article.

Jun 30, 2019 Arrow1 Down Reply
Tommy Inston

I like this article. It reminds me of Eckhart Tolle. All things I need to be reminded of constantly