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Services: Sunday 9:30 & 11:15 am

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Dec 30, 2013

The Intelligent Universe

By Dr. Jim Turrell
The Intelligent Universe

In our teaching it is a common practice to see the abundance of the Universe. It is impossible to count the the grains of sand on a single beach and the earth contains untold resources. All is vibrant with power, yet we still feel weak, poor and afraid. Our teaching offers us a way to think where God is both local and universal.

We individual God’s presence and we see all of life as evidence that the Divine is equally present in everything.

Perception must be built on this idea of oneness or we are all living in duality. This truth is not withheld, just rarely discovered. Most people separate themselves from their good because they live in so much fear. The only thing that separates us from God is the way we think. If you see God as a power outside of yourself then you are forced to live in duality. When Jesus is reported to have said I and the Father are one could he have be saying that we are all connected to an infinite nature that knows only its oneness.

You have a choice you can either live in constructive or destructive thought. It is important to stay on the constructive side of life and focus our attention on things like love, forgiveness and joy. But no matter how bad you want a constructive life you must chose to stop thinking destructively.

While the idea of God may be difficult to embrace, your freedom will be made manifest the moment you believe. This is a conscious choice of awareness and must be made on a daily bases. When you have removed all your doubt, fear and subconscious unwillingness, the Divine must demonstrate your good. This is the work of our teaching.

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