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Services: Sunday 9:30 & 11:15 am

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Jul 01, 2014

Celebrating 25 Years

By Jeffrey D Brown

This year I will be celebrating 25 years since I first found this philosophy. It is still every bit as exciting as the first day I walked into what are now called Centers for Spiritual Living.

My ministry here at our Center is all about education and counseling. What I know is that we all come together on Sundays and have a joyous and uplifting spiritual experience. Everything comes together to create a magnificent expression of Spirit in action. From the message to the music to the fellowship, we are filled. I believe this to be an important part of our spiritual practice.

What I know from my own personal journey is that Sundays are amazing, but where you really learn the Principles and learn how to put them into practice in your life, is in class. Not only do you gain the opportunity to deepen your own understanding and spirituality, you also gain from mixing with the other people in class. From sharing and listening to others, you often find yourself looking at a point-of-view you never considered before. That is magic.

Our goal is never to teach you what to think. Rather we want to help each person practice how to think and come to their own conclusions. We are above all a doctrine of self-responsibility. That means you decide what serves you in the way you think, live and have your being.

The other area in which I have focused my ministry is around counseling. All of the ministers here at the Center are available by appointment for Spiritual Counseling. We each charge of fee for our time and have sliding scales for those who need them.

Practitioners pray and guide by sharing Principles. What they do is the backbone of what we teach. Ministers are trained to take it to the next level. Providing counseling to those who find themselves at a place in life where they desire or need the guidance a trained Minister can provide. We hold each client’s information in strict confidence. It is important to know that all our Practitioners and Ministers are Mandated Reporters. This means that we cannot hold confidence in cases of abuse or certain other crimes. However, this rarely comes to play in the day to day counseling we do.

Counseling with a minister is not like going to a psychologist. We are not trying to psychoanalyze anyone. We are trained to listen and help people in exploring beliefs and patterns in their lives, that may be blocking them from experiencing the life they desire. And of course we always pray.

Prayer is the greatest and most powerful tool we have. The power of God in your life is far greater than any obstacle you see before you. We are masters in knowing this Truth and one person in consciousness is a majority.

Being a minister is the most gratifying thing I have done in my life. It is my great joy to be in service to this community.


Rev. Mara

Posted in Celebrate Life with Affirmative Prayer.