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Services: Sunday 9:30 & 11:15 am

University Synagogue
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Mar 03, 2015

Anatomy of a Healing

By Dr. Jim Turrell

   Everyone has a story and every story has power; the power to create unity or the power to create separation. Most stories create separation because they are generated in our subconscious memories and are a reaction to what we have emotionally memorized. When the experience of our life stimulates a reaction, we tell our story and use it as a reason to sustain our memory and keep our status quo intact.

   Change your story and you will find a whole new set of people, conditions, circumstances and feelings emerging from within. This is what happens when our lives are literally taken over by judgment, shame or blame. There is a difference between taking responsibility for your behavior and using a story as an excuse for a behavior that feels like an obligation and not a choice.     Until you accept 100% responsibility for your feelings, behavior, and consequences, you will never be free.

   In this series of three talks I will explore the stories we tell ourselves, the diagnosis a practitioner or a minister intuits, and the prayer work necessary to change the direction of thought to have a healing. This anatomy of a healing should be helpful to anyone who wants to change their thinking and thus, change their lives.

   The second talk is all about how a metaphysician diagnosis causes and determines the thought necessary to initiate the new idea. Dr. Holmes says, “The outward effect must partake of its inward nature. The physical universe is the result of an inner Intelligence, working through Law. Behind form is idea. The Formless creates form, through the creative power of Its own Mind and Spirit.”

   The third talk will explore the treatment and the new language that actually changes the way we think and the outcome we experience. Join me if you’re interested in healing or changing your life.

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