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Services: Sunday 9:30 & 11:15 am

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Mar 18, 2015

Living the Curious Life

By Dr. Jim Turrell

We all have curious minds. We all have the ability to ask questions.

These two realities deserve our attention because without these realities we could not grow or grasp the life we’ve been given to live. When you’re not aware of these realities, it is a struggle to grow because you don’t have a new reality that could take you into new territory. Your life is a circular repeating pattern that’s stuck on a level of expression that is tedious, boring, frustrating and resists questions like: What do you want? or What would make your happy?

The problem with this kind of life is, it feels safe and you’re reluctant to leave because, if you did, it would appear that you’ve lost your mind and people would begin to question your sanity.

To help you understand these realities, I am giving a series of talks on How to Question your Sanity, based on Brian Grazer’s new book, A Curious Mind. My aim is to examine the life you were created to live and how you must be present in order to become the portal through which that life can pass.

“Curiosity rewards persistence,” says Grazer. “Likewise, persistence without curiosity may mean you’re chasing a goal that isn’t worthy of the effort.” 

The first talk will examine the life you’re intended to live and help you evaluate just how much of that life you actually live. If you’re like most people you are probably living about 30% of your intended life and 70% of a life you’ve watched others live. The monkey see, monkey do life is a common result of a scripted expectation we all try to act out. .

The second talk will be great fun because we are going to question your sanity by getting in touch with your inner dictator, scientist, and lawyer. We all have them and we all try to worship them by attaching importance to their stories; more importance than we attach to our own story. The power of curiosity is in the infinite potential of our lives. We can, and we must, hold ourselves in complete love and remove any sense of disappointment, depression, and distraction.  The dictator dominates, the scientist is skeptical, and the lawyer doesn’t trust anyone. These are not necessarily bad, but they can be limiting.

The last talk is how to use storytelling to question your sanity and attract more wealth. This is where I will give you a technique to tell a new story that will redefine your actions and expand your awareness of all the blessings you’ve been to blind to see.  In all the talks, we will examine and then reexamine these three questions: What are you hoping for? What are you expecting? What’s the most important part of this for you? Join me and I will lead you to the promise land.

Blessings, Dr. Jim

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