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Services: Sunday 9:30 & 11:15 am

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Aug 03, 2015

August is Rhythm and Soul Month

By Dr. Jim Turrell

Every August is Rhythm and Soul month. This is our opportunity to recognize the genius of God’s ability to create music, song writers, performers, and musicians. The contributions these artists have made changed millions of lives and helped many find pathways they could move along and grow. Each, of course, had a special message that became a part of a Global Consciousness that made its way to the core of those receptive to its magic.

Our first artist is Joe Cocker. If you’ve never seen Joe perform it’s very different. His entire body is attached to what he sings, and this is what makes talent so important. Joe moves, sings, and facially communicates every nuance, word and note. He pushes the boundaries of what most would consider normal and that’s what makes him so unique. He is the individualized genius of God’s Creative Intelligence.

Our second artist honored is Tina Turner. Her life is a heroic journey and her faith has seen her through her challenges. Tina’s energy looks boundless because her attitude is not limited by her circumstances. This is a key point in her victory of freedom over bondage, a theme that I will explore and reveal in my message.

The third artist honored is Sting. A personal favorite of mine, Sting’s life is an example of how fame can be used for good in the world. His work influences many around the world for peace, reaching out to those that don’t have a voice and shinning the light on their presence so all the world can see the necessity for compassion and care. With Every Breath you Take God provides another opportunity to love.

The fourth artist honored is James Taylor. James’ has had a profound influence on my thinking and I love his style, sound and artistry. His songs speak to me and, in particular, the song The Secret of Life, changed the way I looked at myself and how I wanted to live in the world. The theme for that Sunday is Unity, and I can’t think of a better word to describe the effect that James has on his audience than unity. His fans hang on every note he sings and every word he speaks. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could hold our own attention on the music we create by living our own lives in the rhythm of Love? And finally, our fifth artist honored is Sam Cooke. Sam possessed a sweet and unmistakable voice that lifted our spirits and helped us feel the joy of just being alive. On that Sunday we will have a special guest speaker, Rev. Julie Moret from Agape. Join me and together let’s celebrate the rhythm of our souls and honor the souls who entertained our hearts.

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