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Services: Sunday 9:30 & 11:15 am

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Jan 21, 2016

Spiritual Permission

By Dr. Jim Turrell
How to give yourself spiritual Permission to grow.

The depression, the misunderstanding, the maladjustment, the frustration which may have taken place in your life, is now eradicated. God is the One Causation back of all manifestation, and there could not be cause for development of any kind contrary or superfluous to the divine order. There, cannot remain within your body anything which does not express perfection. God-Life, in and through you, forever cleanses, heals, and renews every organ, and every atom in your body, after the patter of perfection.

The Science of Mind, Dr. Ernest Holmes, Page 235

THE EMPTY BUCKET ~ The empty bucket is a part of the creative process where I wish I’d never engaged with this idea at all. I remember this. I always go through this stage.” Or: “I see myself as the lazy loser. Or: “I will never write a good sentence again.” Or: “I fanaticize bad reviews.” Or: “I will never be able to write anything this good again.”

Over years of devotional work, though, I found that if I just stayed with the process and didn’t panic, I could pass safely through each stage of anxiety and on to the next level.

At such times, I could almost hear creativity talking to me while I spun off into fear and doubt.

Stay with me it would say. Come back to me. Trust me.

I decided to trust it. 

A particularly elegant commentary on this instinct came from the Nobel laureate Seamus Heaney, who said that —when one is learning how to write poetry—one should not expect it to be immediately good. The aspiring poet is constantly lowering a bucket only halfway down a well, coming up time and again with nothing but empty air. The frustration is immense. But you must keep doing it, anyway.

After many years of practice, Heaney explained, “the chain draws unexpectedly tight and you have dipped into waters that will continue to entice you back. You’ll have broken the skin on the pool of yourself.”   

From Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert Page 147, 148

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