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Mar 24, 2016

Resilience from the Heart - Dr. Jim's April Series

By Dr. Jim Turrell
Resilience from the Heart - Dr. Jim's April Series

Spring is a signal revealed in an ancient tale about being pulled into the negative then reborn into the light. The tale of Persephone and Demeter is one of those telling tales that can help us understand the nature of change and how change, while not always welcome, always results in growth and reconciliation.

In the next six weeks I will be delivering a message created to lead you to the light and release you from misunderstanding and misdirection.

The first message is all about the advantage of being a Waysayer versus a Naysayer. The ideas come from a book I wrote a number of years ago called The Secret According to Jesus. I learned the bible as a metaphysical document written to help me understand my relationship with God, humanity, and life. Too often, I underestimated the power of my word and the power of my faith.

To help open the doorway of the heart, my first exploration will be about what it takes to be a Waysayer and not a Naysayer. As I say in my book, “The Naysayers have a hard time understanding the Waysayers because they’re not tuned to a universal signal.”

My Easter message, The Courage to Change, will continue to develop this line of thinking.

Most, including myself have spent too much time blocked by a world that encouraged me to see myself as problematic and the world I lived in as a problem looking for a solution. The courage it took to seek and find a new way, I measured in the amount of curiosity that moved me to new understandings and patience.

Then, to complete this tour de force, I will dive into that wonderful book, Resilience from the Heart, the power to thrive in life’s extremes. To add an even greater dimension to this message, the Center will host the author of the the book, Gregg Braden. By the time you finish reading the book and listening to my series, you will be primed and ready for Gregg, an extremely effective speaker.

Join me and together we will find the holy substance of life and enter into a new contract with God that will give us the power to thrive in life’s extremes.  

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