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Services: Sunday 9:30 & 11:15 am

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Jun 06, 2016

The Importance of Family

By Dr. Jim Turrell

The Awakened Family

It doesn’t take a genius to see the importance of family, but it does take a person committed to living in the consciousness of family to see the genius of why family is so central to success. I know lots of “alone rangers.” These are the folks who saddle-up their lives and have no fun while they cross the prairie of discontent heading for the mountains of memory hoping to find a reason to be present. They climb, cuss and calamitize with every Calamity Jane and John they bump into.

“Howdy,” they say. “Have you seen my life? It got away from me bushwhacked by a bunch of outlaw memories I didn’t see coming.” 

This is usually where the conversation ends as Calamity Jane and Crossed-up John start to tell the story of their own dysfunctional family.

But why mosey on down this trail again? Why not find a new route? This is why my series of four talks on the Showdown at the Okay Family Corral will be so important. It’s for those want to live a life that stops Calamitizing and Criticizing the life they’ve saddled-up and provides a new mount, trained to gallop in the direction of the Mountains of Mindfulness and the Prairies of Presence. This is a tour-de-force you don’t want to miss.

First town we will visit is Family Relationships. This is a town populated with folks who know how to communicate and connect. They are what we call on the Tour-de-Force, “Authentic Human Beings.” We will study the roles they play and why no one in their town, is unloved, lawless, or confused.

Second town we’ll visit is Recognition. These are some special hombres. They used to operate on the surface, but now they live lives that go deep in the work of self-examination; and this is what keeps them out of the hoosegow of discontent.

Third town on our schedule is Reunion Ville a Mindful Presence. The folks in this town have suspended all thoughts, ideas, opinions, and beliefs that separate them from each other. You’re not even allowed to carry a loaded doubt in town.

The last town on the tour is my personal favorite, Revelation Central. The town-folks are very committed to shedding the skins and scabs of any false labels that laud and subvert. The sheriff here is known as Dr. Shefali, and she runs the no-kill coral where all families meet to learn the scope and range of their potential. It’s an exciting Tour and if you join us, Sheriff Dr. Jim promises a tale of Love, Life and Light.

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