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Services: Sunday 9:30 & 11:15 am

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Jun 22, 2016

The Genius that Created America

By Dr. Jim Turrell

I love celebrating our history and our founding mothers and fathers. This year our Sunday service falls on July 3rd, close to one of my favorite holidays. Every year I spend time talking about the miracle called the United States of America, and every year I am flooded with fond memories of the stories that reveal the fortuitous confluence of the genius that created our country.

George Washington, the creative genius who moved the posture of government away from the aristocratic rule to a shared government called democracy.

John Adams, the creative intellect who lived the letter of the law and provided the resolve to follow his conscience no matter how difficult the journey.

Abigail Adams, one of a few women who had the courage to brake with the archaic laws of the patriarchal rule. Abigail illegally ran the financial details of the Adams’ house hold so well, she was able to establish a successful business selling hard to get items to other local folks, invest the family fortune, and buy and sell property while John was out of the country.

Thomas Jefferson, entrusted with defining the basic principles of a new form of government that Declared our citizens a free and sovereign people.

And there was me, Benjamin Franklin, in charge of invention, initiative, and an interlocutor (the middle man in charge of conversation or dialogue). Of the three, I liked the role of interlocutor best, especially in Paris. I will explain when I see you Sunday, July 3rd.

The rest of the month is dedicated to chapter six in the Science of Mind textbook: Humanity’s Relationship to the Spiritual Universe. This series of talks is all about how you connect God and use that connection to move from Bondage to Freedom, from Limitation to Real Prosperity, from Misunderstanding to Understanding, and from Self-Loathing to Self-Knowing.

Join me, I promise you will laugh, cry, go deep within, and connect with God!

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