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Services: Sunday 9:30 & 11:15 am

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Jul 07, 2016

A Look at our Relationship with the Spiritual Universe

By Dr. Jim Turrell

This month is dedicated to chapter six in the Science of Mind textbook: Humanity’s Relationship to the Spiritual Universe. This series of talks is all about how you connect with God and use that connection to move from Bondage to Freedom, from Limitation to Real Prosperity, from Misunderstanding to Understanding, and from Self-Loathing to Self-Knowing.

The topic is how humanity re-enacts the Nature of God. To grasp our power, we must learn the scope and range of our inherited nature. The power within each is mighty and complete, but it must be discovered, found, and then expressed. One of the first discoveries we make is that we are responsible for our experience. This is only apparent when we understand that what we are experiencing is always and completely within. Then, as we discover the scope of that feeling nature we will discover the range.

The second topic is about our unity and how it moves our lives when we live in cooperation with the Spirit, Soul and Body. The tendency in most people is not to live in the Spirit of Life but to live in the expectation of Life. One of the most difficult experiences in life is disappointment. When we build up an expectation and it is not met, we feel we have a right to be disappointed. But our dissatisfaction is generated from the belief that somehow God didn’t perform. God always performs and, in most cases, when enough time has transpired we see that experience was necessary for our growth and willingness to change.

The third message is about Potential and how we must free ourselves from the bondage of incorrect thinking. The difference is all about how you’ve trained your mind or chosen to become a disciple of a higher way to think.

The last subject deals with the Law of Mind and how to set it into motion. All is about how we impress our subjective (subconscious) mind with PRODUCTIVE thoughts. In this message I will give you the tools and techniques that can lead to a more productive, prosperous and peaceful existence. 

Join me for this tour of the Universal and how it works for our good.

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