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Inspiration Blog

Find Your Inner Artist, or Lose Your Life

By Dr. Jim Turrell on Sep 24, 2016

The month of September is my opportunity It is time for our annual Adventure in Faith program. This year our focus is on the Creative Power of Spirit and calls upon the genius of Julia Cameron’s book, The Artist’s Way. The weekly message will look at how we recover our sense of oneness when we abandon the judgments and toxic influence of fear, doubt and limitation. I love the way Julia seeks to reconnect us with the Universal Divine that forever creates within each a life worth living and work worth creating.
As part of each weeks Sunday service we will have a different live artist creating a work of art during each service. The intent is to inspire each who attend to find their creative self and exercise an act of creation. There is no other way into the creative here and now presence of Spirit’s Intelligence except by means of The Artist’s Way. This does not mean you have to make a living as an artist. But you can’t create a spiritual living if the inner-artist has been abandoned or limited because of fear and lack of self-worth. This is one of the most overlooked symptoms of dissatisfaction because no one every connects unhappiness to an unexpressed ability to create.
The inner life, however, is not interested in your condition or your reaction. It is completely focused on your sense of acceptance and willingness to create a new way of living organized with Love and expressed in Peace. If you’ve missed the point of the artist’s way, you will hide your discontent in an illness or failed relationship that cannot heal because you keep chasing the wrong cause—your fear.
This is why Cameron leans on the idea of RECOVERY. I think of it as CONNECTING my creative dots and following my intuition. As Julia says, “Artists are visionaries. They routinely practice a form of faith, seeing clearly and moving toward a creative goal that shimmers in the distance—often visible to us, but invisible to those around us.” I cannot see into your future, because, without your creative self, you have no future. Just a place to wait out your boredom and negativity. Just a life unexpressed because you missed the point of your existence…CREATION! Join me for this Adventure in Faith and together we will climb the inner Everest and discover our true north.


Tears to Triumph, The Basics of our Teaching

By Dr. Jim Turrell on Aug 30, 2016

September is dedicated to the basics of Science of Mind and the brilliance of Marianne Williamson’s new book, Tears to Triumph. The first Sunday in September is devoted to how you can discover God’s love and feel the warmth of God’s Creation: Heaven.


Rhythm and Soul Month

By Dr. Jim Turrell on Aug 02, 2016

Every year, in August, I take time to examine the great singers, song writers, composers, and musicians who have influenced and changed the way we think and behave. The powers that influence our behavior are not typically our own. Of all the arts, music is one of the most powerful because it speaks through vibration, words, style, and emotion. Most people don’t recognize the full impact music has on the soul. Dr. Holmes writes, “The greatest music ever composed was written by the hand of a mystic, and the highest and best in art has come from men and women of spiritual perception. The mystic does not read human thought, but rather he or she senses the atmosphere of God.”


A Look at our Relationship with the Spiritual Universe

By Dr. Jim Turrell on Jul 07, 2016

This month is dedicated to chapter six in the Science of Mind textbook: Humanity’s Relationship to the Spiritual Universe. This series of talks is all about how you connect with God and use that connection to move from Bondage to Freedom, from Limitation to Real Prosperity, from Misunderstanding to Understanding, and from Self-Loathing to Self-Knowing.


The Genius that Created America

By Dr. Jim Turrell on Jun 22, 2016

I love celebrating our history and our founding mothers and fathers. This year our Sunday service falls on July 3rd, close to one of my favorite holidays. Every year I spend time talking about the miracle called the United States of America, and every year I am flooded with fond memories of the stories that reveal the fortuitous confluence of the genius that created our country


The Importance of Family

By Dr. Jim Turrell on Jun 06, 2016

It doesn’t take a genius to see the importance of family, but it does take a person committed to living in the consciousness of family to see the genius of why family is so central to success. I know lots of “alone rangers.” These are the folks who saddle-up their lives and have no fun while they cross the prairie of discontent heading for the mountains of memory hoping to find a reason to be present. They climb, cuss and calamitize with every Calamity Jane and John they bump into.


The Practical Application of the Science of Mind

By Dr. Jim Turrell on Apr 26, 2016

The basics of our teaching live in a deep and rich consciousness of Love. They rest in a Spiritual Soil that is always creating new growth and encouraging a Soulful Willingness to engage Life with Peace and lots of Joy. This month of May, I am calling upon the voices of our founder, Dr. Ernest Holmes and one of America’s greatest Spiritual teachers, Ralph Waldo Emerson.


How to Pray

How to Pray
By Center Staff on Apr 04, 2016

Based on Dr. Jim's book, "Transformational Prayer," this video of the Prayer Mudra can calm you and open your heart to the presence of God's love and peace.


Resilience from the Heart - Dr. Jim's April Series

Resilience from the Heart - Dr. Jim's April Series
By Dr. Jim Turrell on Mar 24, 2016 in Personal Growth

Spring is a signal revealed in an ancient tale about being pulled into the negative then reborn into the light. The tale of Persephone and Demeter is one of those telling tales that can help us understand the nature of change and how change, while not always welcome, always results in growth and reconciliation.
In the next six weeks I will be delivering a message created to lead you to the light and release you from misunderstanding and misdirection.


Rising Strong ~ Dr. Jim's Feb. Series

Rising Strong ~ Dr. Jim's Feb. Series
By Dr. Jim Turrell on Feb 02, 2016 in Personal Growth

A Series of Talks based on Brené Brown's book, Rising Strong. This article explains how our teaching, The Science of Mind, helps us walk out of our fear and into the light of Divine Principles.