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Inspiration Blog

Getting Closer to God, The Feeling of Being Alone

By Dr. Jim Turrell on Aug 23, 2018

September 2 Getting Closer to God

The feeling of being alone, created by doubt, manufactures a mentality of uncertainty that infects the mind with fear and anticipation. Religion provides rules. A Spiritual Philosophy provides Principles that guide behavior leading you to God. Which is more effective, guidance or rules?


The Metaphysical Study of the Ages: The Silent Generation, Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials

By Dr. Jim Turrell on Aug 10, 2018

Our teaching applies to everyone. All of creations power is in the One Spirit and available to all. So why do we create what looks like differences in our generations? I’ve been thinking about how our generations tend to define behavior, acceptance and rejection. How we get a long or don’t get along? How we create obstacles in our communication because different generations interpret the world they live in so dramatically dissimilar. Therefore I have decided to give a series of talks about how we see or don’t see each other.


Exploring the Metaphysics of Pop Culture

By Dr. Jim Turrell on Jul 05, 2018

Every year July rises up in my conscious mind and every year Benjamin Franklin makes himself apparent, orbed, present and in my mind; a thoughtful, inventive, and creative being. That means I can see the importance of Ben’s thoughts and feelings and sense his presence in my presence. This experience helps me express the wonderful story and spiritual meaning of our country and the three documents that declared our independence, defined our rights and established the rule of law.
After that, I will dedicate the next four Sundays in July to the exploration of the Science of Mind in contrast to the metaphysics of the pop cultures that define our age and ability to manifest the life we imagine. To make sure I stay on point in regards to our teaching I am juxtaposing the examination of pop culture with the first four chapters of the Science of Mind: The Thing Itself, The Way It Works, What It Does, and How To Use It.


Mystics are Spiritual Guides

By Dr. Jim Turrell on May 30, 2018

This does not mean Psychics are not useful. It means that Mystics do not tune into your life’s experiences. Mystics do not even ask about what you are experiencing. Mystics, instead, are more interested in your realization of who you are spiritually.


What you Need to Know about Physical Perfection

By Center Staff on Apr 30, 2018

I often think about how to wrap my arms and mind around the idea of Physical Perfection. At first, it sounds right, expect when I start to feel resistance in what I observe. All those suffering from disease, confusion, and pain, are they Perfect?


The Principles of Successful Living revisited

By Dr. Jim Turrell on Mar 30, 2018

The month of April will be a spiritual adventure created to align your mind with God’s Mind. We start with the premise that perfect God moves and has Its being in the perfection the Divine creates—that is you! This establishes our course and keeps our minds centered on God’s presence within our own presence. This also grounds us in what Ernest Holmes called, “The Principles of Successful Living.” Our first rule? Bring Heaven on Earth! This is the theme for Easter 2018, and it is all about going deeper into the sacred idea of trusting the life God creates for us to live and learning how to raise, praise, and gather unto us a consciousness of Love.


Spirit, Soul, and Body: How Science of Mind is Different from other Religions

By Dr. Jim Turrell on Jan 30, 2018

These three labels define how we think about God and our place in the eternal nature of the Universe. While we speak about these terms, we do not always define how they differ from other religions. This can be confusing because people think they have a Spirit and a Soul that is unique to them. They can also believe that their Spirit and Soul may not be a good or powerful than other Spirits or Souls. This is not possible because there is only one Spirit and Soul and each person occupies and uses that amount of Spirit and Soul that they contain. This means that you have as much Spirit as you have the consciousness to contain and utilize.


Learning How to Brave the Wilderness, based on Brene Brown's New Book

By Dr. Jim Turrell on Jan 05, 2018

January is the month of new beginnings. It is a spiritual excuse to re-frame and reshape our sense of life, prosperity, and peace. Every one of us live in a Universe that is Whole, Perfect and Complete. No need to reinvent your life. Simply live it where you found it and walk into the new view of life and goodness.


December, a Transitional Month, Occupied with Stories, Metaphor, & Tradition

By Dr. Jim Turrell on Nov 29, 2017

The willingness to become ourselves, and the obstacles we encounter, speaks to why our teaching informs and inspires a way out of the confusion created by this transitional month.


The Four Aims of Life: Alignment, Initiative, Meaning, and Self-Realization

By Dr. Jim Turrell on Oct 31, 2017

The aim of life is not always known. There are times when the mark we seek to make in this world is not available for our aim. In other words, life finds a way to conceal our human ambition and rob us of our driven nature. The world, however, is not where we come from and it is not where we are going too. The Divine Nature of life would step in and remind us that our first obligation to life is to connect with the Divine and pull our attention to the miracle of the momentthe now.