Dear Center Members,

Since the outbreak of the pandemic the Center has sought to meet the needs of our congregation with online services.

For months we heard your requests to create a safe way to meet in person. An opportunity became available to reopen safely at Campus Jax; "albeit, we are in a parking lot, behind a bar, under a tent, across from an airport" jokes Dr. Jim.

For those watching from home we continue our online services. 

The pandemic created many challenges for businesses and non-profits. Dr. Jim has been noted for saying "Churches are fragile entities" and yet we have managed to keep our doors open and remain dedicated to the principles that teach spiritual growth. Now is the next phase of the Center's growth, finding a new home.

Please join us on Saturday, June 19 from 10 am to 11:30 am to hear our plans for a permanent place to meet. Use the following Zoom link to join the meeting:


This is the time for us to gather as a spiritual community to rebuild. Together, we can accomplish anything!