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"We enjoyed coming to the services, but once we got more involved with taking classes, joining a community group and bringing our kids to the youth program, this is when we started seeing a transformation for our whole family. We learned more about the philosophy and started applying it in our daily lives. We knew we had found a spiritual home." 

                                                                        --Susan & Doug OCSC members

Outside Dinner

Do you ever find yourself feeling alone?


Could you benefit from being a member in a supportive non-judgmental group?


Are you looking for a spiritually like-minded community?


These are small groups of spiritually like-minded people that look to develop deeper relationships with each other where perhaps you can find a shoulder you can lean on.

These small groups meet once a month to share a meal, check in with each other and connect spiritually through short readings and discussion.

For more information email:

Smiling Student
Group Meeting

Did you know research shows that children who have positive relationships to spirituality are 40% less likely to use and abuse substances, and have 60% less depression than other teenagers? 


We cultivate conversations about what it means to be compassionate, patient, peaceful and confident.


Each Sunday we have experiential workshops that help empower our children to create a better life through the universal principles of God.


Twice yearly we have a Teen Camp that enriches our teens' lives even further and build friendships in our spiritual community.  

For more information email:


Looking for personal growth?


Ready for a change of perspective?


Want to improve your experience with relationships, prosperity, stress or grief?

We offer a wide variety of classes that provide each student a practical approach to God. Our teachings are tethered to the verities of Love, Light, Life, Peace, Beauty, Joy and Truth. We provide you with practical tools to connect with the universal presence. 


Our classes are all about teaching you how to think and how to choose. We are a Cause and Effect philosophy that helps you stay on a pathway of peace,  joy, healing and prosperity.

For more information email:


OCSC Business Professionals is a spiritual support community, with a focus on business, while holding the consciousness of prosperity and affluence for its members. The group meets once a month for a networking breakfast and useful presentation on improving business opportunities and mindset. We support each other with help and ideas, and the friendships we develop along the way. For more information


OCSC is also supports and offers volunteer opportunities with:

American Red Cross

Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County

Wise Place Shelter for Women

Women's Journey Foundation

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Thanks for applying to volunteer with us! We'll get back to you soon.

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