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Sunday Service: ONLINE ONLY
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About Our Ministries

We are here to serve the spiritual needs of all who seek to live their lives in peace and desire a greater sense of community. We do this by providing a strong and loving environment that is focused on a spiritual philosophy that is all-encompassing and applicable. Our leader and founder, Dr. Jim Turrell, has been serving this community for over 25 years and has trained many in the art of affirmative prayer bringing to each a life oriented to selfless service and creative consciousness. 

Our ministries include:

Prayer, Chaplaincy, and Personal Growth headed by Dr. Jim Turrell

We have nine practitioners who each have a minimum of 4 years of training and are available every Sunday for prayer and healing work immediately after first and second services. Their names and phone numbers are listed in our weekly program and they are available by appointment during the week. They are also held to a very strict code of confidentiality. Our Prayer Ministry is headed by Dr. Jim Turrell, assisted by Syndi Jones and Bob Estrada. Dr. Jim leads our chaplaincy program and visits with those in hospital or home. Dr. Jim also teaches classes on Tuesday evenings.

Rev. Janet Moore
Rev. Janet Moore

Family, Youth, and Young Adult headed by Rev. Janet Moore

We have excellent programs offered 2nd service for Pre-School, Elementary, Tweens, Teenagers, and Young Adults. Rev. Janet Moore oversees this program and recruits and trains our volunteers who do an amazing job of helping our youth live happy, peaceful and joyous lives. When we help a child understand the perfection and beauty of their presence it adds another light to the world that brings more peace and more love into expression. The on-going health of any community is rooted in the programs it sponsors and creates for its youth and young adults.

Dr. Jim Turrell
Dr. Jim Turrell

Education, Counseling, and Advanced Studies headed by Dr. Jim Turrell

If you want to change your life, you must learn how to change your thinking. This is the basis for all of our classes, seminars, workshops, counseling and advanced studies. Whether or not you take our classes for credit or just audit them, the classes can help you learn how to be a more successful, happy, calm and creative person. We offer a fully accredited seven-year path to the ministry. Dr. Jim Turrell has over 28 years in the ministry and is considered one of the finest teachers in Religious Science. 

Besides Dr. Jim’s classes, we also have Rev. Janet teaching classes. All are qualified Spiritual Counselors who have dedicated their lives to helping others prosper and live in peace.

To answer the many questions people have about our teaching and how it applies to every-day living, all of our ministers regularly contribute to our new Blog Ministry. Each month, Rev. Janet, and Dr. Jim post new articles addressing important issues such as Health, Healing, Abundance, Affluence, Relationships, Career, Family Dynamics, Kids, Grief, and much more.