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Sunday Service: ONLINE ONLY
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The Power of Prayer

Most people think of prayer as begging “God” for something. In our approach to prayer we don’t beg, we “declare.” We believe that God is waiting for us to change OUR MIND, NOT HIS. This is the meaning of, “the power of your word.”

Here at the Center for Spiritual Living Newport Mesa, we use the power of Affirmative Prayer which embraces our circumstance as part of our path and an opportunity to grow and focuses our attention on a Principle—such as Love, Peace or Forgiveness—that would lead us out of temptation and into the Creative Presence of God’s Perfect Love. When we speak our word we declare the highest good for all concerned. Approaching prayer this way allows us to be at peace regardless of our situation.   Affirmative Prayer is a powerful method for setting the creative process into motion by means of your word.

Your Personal Path to Spiritual Growth

Prayer and Personal Growth

Spiritual growth is a discipline that involves three spiritual practices: 

Affirmative Prayer

The purpose of a spiritual practice is to strengthen your relationship with God. The word practice means the spiritual work we do every day to clear our minds of judgment and negative opinions by denying power to thoughts that would hurt or harm ourselves or another. A clear mind free of fear, doubt or anger gives us more facility to move towards that which we are creating in our lives.

Affirmative Prayer

 “Prayer is not an act of overcoming God’s reluctance, but should be an active acceptance of God’s highest willingness.” Affirmative Prayer is a constructive and proactive approach to life. It is based on a Universal Truth that God is all there is and that God created all of life as a means and an avenue for the expression of God’s highest and greatest good: Love.

There are two ways to practice Affirmative Prayer. One is to speak your word in complete faith and know that it is done. This is called prayer in the absolute. This approach is taken by those who study, practice, and have dedicated their lives to living in prayer. We call these dedicated souls practitioners. They are constantly living in Love and denying power to their ego-centric nature—which is a part of every human being—that would judge, limit, and attack themselves or another. This approach is simple and follows three steps.

  1. Recognition: God is all there is
  2. Unification: See your life as one with God’s presence
  3. Declaration: Speak your word for the highest good and greatest expression of love.

The other approach to prayer is to go through a series of steps that re-align you with God. This is called the argumentative approach because we are taking a series of steps to walk our mind out of a self-absorbed ego-centric mind-set that has us attacking or negating ourselves or another; and RECONNECTING WITH GOD THROUGH LOVE. We are literally arguing our way out of the dark and into the light.

This approach is taken by those who are still learning what it means to live in love and to pray unceasingly.  The 5 steps are below and include two additional steps added to deny power to any thought that limits your highest good and a step to reaffirm the truth that sets us free.

1. Recognition: God is all there is
2. Unification: Seeing your life as one with God’s presence
3. Declaration: Speak your word for what you want to manifest.
a) Deny power to any thought that is contradicting your highest good.
b) Reaffirm the power of Love to cast out fear, remove judgment and set us free.
4. Thanksgiving: Give thanks for all your blessings and the manifestation of your word.
5. Release: Turn your word over to God knowing that your word is now the manifest experience of your life or the life for which you have spoken your word.

The following is a sample of a prayer taken from Dr. Jim’s book about death entitled, Time to Leave.  Available on (link this to the book on Amazon)

A Five-Step Prayer to Deepen Your Faith.

God’s Faith is the reality of life. God believes in creation and is eternally creating out of Its own Faith. God is the creator of all life.

My life is God’s Life functioning in my Faith of God. Because I am the creative outcome of God’s Divine Intelligence, I trust the life I have been given to live. Every part of my life is the outcome of God’s Faith and Creative Genius.

In this moment, I go deeper in my Love of God and higher in my Love of Life. Every moment is a divine gift animated by God’s complete faith in my creation. Every day is a revelation that helps me advance my sense of Peace, Prosperity, and Joy. Today, God’s Love is my guide to a greater experience of Peace. Today, God’s faith is my faith.

Thank you, God, for all the goodness of who I am. I am grateful for every moment, condition, person, and opportunity you provide.

Released, my word is the truth and the law from which I stem. All is released into God’s Faith and all is returned as my perfect experience.”


The Power of Prayer

Meditation is the practice of Listening and Communing with God. It is an act of intentional focus for a defined period of time. What you do to focus your attention can be anything such as Walking, Sitting Still, Gardening, Chanting, Monitoring your Breath, or doing Yoga. The important part is setting the time each day for your meditation and finding the activity that helps focus your attention. The experience you seek is a greater feeling of Harmony, Peace of Mind, and Joy.


The practice of Visioning is to learn how to use your capacity for imagining a greater life of service, love and creativity. Most people do not practice Visioning with an intention of building a more productive and constructive life. Most people employ their imaginations by reacting to life in a fearful or negative way.

When you take a regular period of time each day to visualize a greater good with more energy, health, and prosperity, you build within a mental mold that energizes life and turns you into a magnet that attracts every resource necessary for your complete manifestation.


Our Prayer Ministry is headed by Rev. Connie Leonard & Cyndi Jones Rscp

Rev. Connie leads our Affirmativ Prayer program and Cyndi Jones coordinates our weekly Prayer Practitioners. In addition to Connie, we have five prayer practitioners who each have a minimum of 4 years of training and are held to a very strict code of confidentiality. Their names and phone numbers are listed in our Sunday program. They are available for prayer and healing work every Sunday immediately after first and second services or by appointment during the week.

Let Us Help

At our Center, we have Practitioners available to pray for you and help you understand our Philosophy of Healing and Growth; each of them has a minimum of 4 years of training. Our Practitioners are on duty every Sunday between and after services; they can also be contacted by calling the office: 714-754-7399

If you require counseling, we have three Ministers with a minimum of 6 years of training and 6 to 33 years of experience. Spiritual counseling is different than psychological counseling. Its primary focus is to help you find your connection with God, and learn how to forgive and increase your faith, belief and acceptance.

Prayer, Chaplaincy, and Personal Growth headed by Rev. Connie Leonard

We have five practitioners who each have a minimum of 4 years of training and are available every Sunday for prayer and healing work immediately after first and second services. Their names and phone numbers are listed in our weekly program and they are available by appointment during the week. They are also held to a very strict code of confidentiality.

Our Prayer Ministry is headed by Rev. Connie and Cyndi Jones who also leads our chaplaincy program and visits with those in hospital or home. Rev. Connie also teaches classes on Thursday evenings and speaks once a month giving a brief Power Talk on spirituality.