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Services online only: Sunday 11:00 am

Sunday Service: ONLINE ONLY
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Affirmative Prayer to boost your Faith, Strengthen your Relationship with God, and heal any doubt that would weaken your Peace of mind!

God is the power and the glory of life. The Divine Nature creates all of life and fills it with potential, imagination and resolve. Today I unite with God’s Presence and speak my word for the opportunity to listen and know that I am God’s perfect creation filled with the authority to speak my word.
Right now, I declare my life animated by Peace and moved by Love to a higher and higher experience of life. Every moment of every day is yet another occasion to declare God the source and supply of my life and cause to my happiness. I dismiss any doubt or fear that my life is limited or restricted. The power of life knows with absolute faith that God created me to be the agent of trust and love. Therefore, I move and have my being as an agent of Peace filled with the Power of Love.
Thank you, God, for giving me my life and the opportunity to know that you eternally guide me into a greater and greater productive peace. Released, my word moves by means of my capacity to live in a constant state of receptivity and acceptance. My word is now the activity of my life. AND SO IT IS!