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Flower in Sunlight


“In the end, these things matter most: 

    How well did you love? 

    How fully did you live?

    How deeply did you let go?

    ―Jack Kornfield


We strive to open hearts and minds to infinite possibilities, provide tools for transformation and connect with God’s love. 

Love, the most powerful practice, fills our hearts with peace and inspires our lives. 

We create an inviting, inclusive experience where people from different faiths will find common ground. 

New members often comment that the message and music have touched them.  They feel like they have come home. The message, music, and the energy are all about love.


In Celebration of the Feminine Power of The Divine


~ March 19 ~


Nurturing our spirit (or soul) is to provide a space for spirituality.

We are excited to have Jacob Brigham back as our soloist this week.

Performing popular hits such as Dream On, He Ain't Heavy, Love Will Keep Us Alive and Don't Stop Thinkin About Tomorrow.

Click here to see a preview of Jacob

Reading and Program

~ March 26 ~


Guided by the Creator, the Source, the Divine, in touch with The Sacred

Our soloist this week is David Weeks-Wynne

Click here to see a preview of David

Reading and Program

~ April 2 ~  

Spiritual Agents of Change

“Practice isn't the thing you do once you're good. It's the thing you do that makes you good.” ― Malcolm Gladwell

Reading and Program

~April 9 ~

Easter service will be at 11 am

The Story that Transformed The World

Look at the world around you. It may seem like an immovable, implacable place. It is not, with the slightest push — in just the right place — it can be tipped. — Malcolm Gladwell

Reading and Program

~ April 16 ~

Service return to 10:30 am

The Power of Thinking Without Thinking

The real me isn't the person I describe, no

the real me, is the me revealed by my actions. ― Malcolm Gladwell

Reading and Program

~ April 23 ~

Self-Correcting Perceptions

You Are What You’re Looking For

The world of reality has its limits; the world of imagination is boundless. ― Rousseau

Reading and Program


~ April 30 ~

How to Slay the Giant that Stands In Your Way

“Power has an important limitation. It has to be seen as legitimate, or else its use has the opposite of its intended effect.” ― Malcolm Gladwell

Reading and Program



During each Sunday service, Dr. Jim delivers uplifting, motivational messages with practical tools on how to live a better life.


Ron Levy and David Weeks-Wynne along with our many talented and award winning soloists deliver upbeat and inspirational music that strikes a cord on so many levels be it with the Sunday message, what's going on in our world in our heart.

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