Sunday Service: ONLINE ONLY

Center Office: 3151 Airway Ave K108,
Costa Mesa, CA 92626 (714)754-7399

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Services online only: Sunday 11:00 am

Sunday Service: ONLINE ONLY
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This is a fantastic way to spend your Sunday. Great music, with an uplifting message. Reverend Turrell is the best public speaker I have ever witnessed. He drives home a message week after week that feels as if it were tailor made for me. This church is about the power of positive thinking and aligning with God to live the best life possible. The messages are usually centered around finding your creativity and purpose. It's very motivating. My children love the youth church and I love hearing them share with me that they are perfect expressions of God.
Suzanne C.
I was first exposed to the Science of Mind teaching over 10 years ago and intermittently went to church services on Sundays at various locations. But it's been over the last couple years that I really feel part of the community here at the Center Newport Mesa, due in large part to Dr. Jim. Love that man -- his teachings, his humor, his vulnerability, his dedication, his light! And his wife Patty is simply amazing with all she does and is for our Center. The ultimate power couple with purpose and hearts as big as one can imagine. The message, the energy, the music, and the love, received each Sunday, is incredibly uplifting and moving. It's been so fun to be back in classes as well. Participating in classes help me delve deeper into the conversation, socially interact with other members during the week, share life's ups and downs, and learn how to live life more fully, more joyfully, and more on purpose -- all with the support and love of other like-minded people. It's a gift and I am so very grateful for it all, including our upcoming trip to Bali in September! Blessings galore!
Doreen D.
I started coming to services in January of last year and can confidently say finding the Center is one of the best things I've done in my life. Not only are the Sunday Services a boost to the soul, the Center also offers workshops and classes and sponsors speaking engagements for the likes of Deepak Chopra and James Van Prague.
Cynthia Ferguson
I’ve been a part of the Center for the past 11 years which has given me a spiritual foundation upon which I’ve created a life of limitless potential and a lot of really great friends.
Jeffery D Brown
No matter how my life is going, I love connecting with my spiritual community. I always get what I need, exactly when I need it.
Diane Estrada
The messages and community always guide me in a positive direction. I love spending time with so many like minded people. Thank you CSLNM!
Julie Stone
This Center has brought unconditional love, limitless inspiration and genuine joy into my life. This spiritual community has introduced me to supportive, dynamic and positive people that I feel honored to call my friends and spiritual family. The Center connects you to the truth that infinite possibilities exist for all. You just need to believe it.
Rachel Sutton